Evolve Carbon GT / Custom 10S5P 30Q with 3D spacer from Roby Dayton @ Pelican Bay

Just arrived my new battery from https://pelicanbayinnovations.com. I moved down my ESC with 3D printed spacer in order to put BMS on the top of it. WORKS GREAT !

I recommend this guy [email protected] Who wants more details please ask me.

image2 image1


im interested in hearing how this pack holds up. Its always cool to have a new battery builder in town.

I find it odd that on their site they display their welds as though they are top of the game, but going off of what the community has said there shouldnt be any haloing around the welds image

and what looks like not cut corners on his nickle strips. image

Be safe with the pack, and if any errors come up, send a report here, and a copy to the vendors email as soon as possible.

have fun riding :vulcan_salute:


I just ordered the 10s5p pack today, how have you been making out with it?

How’s that set up working for you. I’m looking to upgrade

Just bought GTR so i’m playing with unity on my GT and new motors, worked great 5 months no problem but i wanted more power with new motors since i have the 10s5p upgrade

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Do you happen to know if Roby is still in business?

I can’t find him online anywhere either. He added a new battery pack a few years ago and the range is now about half. I might need a replacement.

Hey! Does anyone have the install videos from Roby at Pelican Bay still? We received battery but didn’t get around to installing it until now and can’t get ahold of him.

Thank you