Evolve Carbon GT for $400? This is not a for sale thread

So here’s my dilemma. I’ve got a couple of nice boards (Kaly XL 2.0 and LaCroix Prototipo) and a basic China board (Ownboard Bamboo AT) that all get some use. I ride the Kaly most of the time, but love the Prototipo too. My Ownboard gets use as a loaner and my stepson rides it really well. That Ownboard even with its twitchy double kingpin trucks is a great board to loan to beginners because in mode 1 is very docile and even if the rider gets overconfident and pins the throttle, it won’t go fast enough to develop speed wobbles. So a couple of months ago, my brother in law came for a visit and wanted to learn to ride. I’m 59 years old and he’s a couple of years older. He’s a fit guy and a capable one too, so even in spite of never having been a skater, he did well on the board and loved it. He’s an ER doctor and essentially retired, so he’s seen more injury and trauma that I can imagine. As a result, he’s cautious and unlikely to ever jump into esk8 on the level that I did. So when he expressed an interest in buying a used board, I said I’d do the looking. I later decided that since I couldn’t find a killer deal for him, I’d do what I should have done and just give him my Ownboard. The problem is, I kind of need something similar to replace it with, which leads me to my question. I just found an Evolve Carbon GT that the seller is asking $400 for. It’s in a town that’s an almost 3hr drive away, so I won’t be able to closely inspect it without a 6 hr time commitment. The seller is either intentionally being vague about his knowledge of esk8 or just isn’t particularly knowledgeable to begin with. For example, questions on battery health are answered with things like “it’s still really fast.” and “It has more range than I can ride it.” Also, I’ve been able to get exactly 2 pictures of it, but they’re not real good ones. Not intentionally bad, just kinda haphazard like he isn’t willing to try real hard at taking better ones. He did send a short video just now of it being spun up, which I appreciate. I know that the GT is older (2018 maybe?) and the pack is undoubtedly past its prime. I also know that Evolve starts out overpriced when new and is often seen listed at too high prices on the used market because of that fact. This one seems reasonable (ish) at 400 though and I’d likely offer 350 after viewing if I’m being honest. It looks to be in reasonable condition with typical scrapes and nicks, has two remotes (both with issues), some slightly chunked urethane evolve wheels, and a set of what look to be 7” AT pneumatic Evolve wheels with belts. I’m not exactly sure of the issue with one remote, but I think it’s cuts out and looses connection here and there. He says that the “good” remote seems to have a loose charging port that he didn’t remember it having and I likely have the skills to repair this myself. So in the hive’s opinion is this thing worth investing 350-400, $90 worth of gas, and 6hrs of a Friday in? I’m curious.

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If you are purchasing anything used, the main info would be to know how many charges or “cycles” did he do while he owned it. Asking “how many times did you charge this board?” would be a better question. And as long as he tells you the flaws of the remote (usually a problem with the evolve) and anything else he knows thats wrong (honesty is the best approach in selling), then it could be worth it. Since he has shown you that the board does still work, then you can do a quick test ride with it, after opening it up and checking for loose wirings if he allows it (this is the only time I can say its probably worth it).

Other than that, if you’re buying from someone, the only thing you can do is see if the board is decent and if the motors/pulley system works. Usually you would just buy the board and just replace whatever seems to not be well yourself.

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I appreciate the reply. I’ve decided to make the drive to check it out and have convinced myself that it might make a fun long term project if it checks out.

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Did you buy the board? I have a GT that i upgraded to a GTX battery that i might want to sell

No, dude sold it out from under me. Was looking forward to the project, but it’s no big deal and I’ve moved on…

At least you’re good on it. Was hoping to see what you would do.

It’s really good for you if it’s working well for you. no matter if its price is 400, 350, or 90 dollars. Because if you need the best electric skateboard, you must choose it without any problem. You just have to check it must about its working and features, just like the remote and its charging. It is best for you at a reasonable price.

My experience buying used boards tells me he may be a scammer. I found a too good to be true deal and messaged the guy. Waited 24 hours then called him and woke him up at 11 am on a Monday. After that I started texting him asking questions. His answers were vaguely similar to the ones you got. Half of my questions didn’t get any answer. He was an hour and a half drive each way. He repeatedly suggested shipping it to me but I’m not stupid. I’m not sending $ to someone that ignores half my questions. So I got an address in Beverly hills to go get it. He never showed up,deleted the ad and disconnected his number all while trying to get a hold of him after I arrived. I was fucking pissed!! 4 hour trip & $30 in gas for nothing!!! The vague answer is you received your total flashback to this f****** a****** and you could be dealing with the same type of person. Yeah, so be careful.