Evolve gen 2 bamboo


So I got an offer to buy this board for 500 usd. Do you guys think its worth it? Mostly gonna have this board as a guest board. (Getting my raptor 2 end of next month Hopefully!!)

Anyone here know if its possible to change the motor on this without getting alot of new parts? :slight_smile:


wouldn’t buy it. Don’t know battery history, not easy to change parts out as the esc is designed for that motor. 500 usd is too much,

hmm alright. Thanks for your input :slight_smile:

It depends how old the board is really, $500 isn’t that bad.

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so if i wanna change motor i gotta change the esc? I don’t know anything about the electric parts ^^

Yes. Standard evolve motor is sensored and the esc is setup for that motor. The board trucks wheels and battery case could be re used although you will need to make a custom bracket to suit a new motor. Battery maybe ok depending on the age. They do lose capacity over time. For 500 usd I’d look elsewhere. Imho

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