Evolve Gen 3 - 63mm motor mounts by UNiK

Hey folks,

I managed to slot in something I had on my TODO list. These are motor mounts made out of AL7075 black anodized for Evolve SuperCarve trucks. You can fit 63m motors on these babies.



I’m planning to produce few of them if any interest.


For Gen2 or Gen3 trucks?

Fits Bamboo GT supercarve trucks

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Oh shit.

Now i really want a used bamboo gtx.

they take 40 cells. Doesn’t say i can’t put 39 in there. You do the math on what that means when i throw a set of my totally bitchins on here and dump the shit ESC for a pair of focboxes…


13S3P ? I thought focboxes maxed out at 12S

@pixelsilva This would help you no?

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I think @pixelsilva has Gen2, and I think these may not work for Gen2.

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Evolve has really shitty tolerance (i.e a lot of play in the parts when not screwed) and I’m looking for really low tolerance.

If someone has the Gen2 specs for the distance of the 3 holes that makes a “triangle” I can easily update the design. It’s 29mm on Gen3


yeah… i think we ALL thought that … yet somehow Jake is running around on a set at 13S and he’s not the slow kid on the slumpy board if you know what i mean. @theonlykindajake on instagram, he’s been posting ride graphs.

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My Gen3 is 19/16" or 31.1625mm (center to center) in an equilateral triangle, with two parallel to the ground

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mmm can you share a photo ?

It’s not apart right now but it is scheduled for disassembly Sunday


How did you get the value of 31.1625mm of the equilateral triangle?


Whats the buggest 63mms they can fit?

probably 6374 - these are 6364


Measured 19/16 inches about six times previously. I took 19/16*25.4 = 31.1625mm

This will be apart Sunday, I will take photos with calipers.



not Turnigy sk3 5986 “6374”

Yes @barajabali. But the thing is I’ve been working with @marcmt88 for a while giving him the feedback (measures) for the custom mount design of my trucks. Although this new mounts certainly come in handy I’m obliged by heart with Marc. He is a great guy always trying to please the costumers wishes. He is been working really hard in developing his mount, receiving critiques, changing this and that and comming up with a great mount that not only will fit the Evolve truck but Calibers, Paris, Enertion, and many more. Really a custom mount maker like you cannot find here often.

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You’re an honorable man Ned Stark


Dont forget to measure entire truck’s lenght. I’m intrigued about this Gen 3 trucks (??) Mines are 306 mm in lenght, or 30 cms with 6 mm (12" inches). That is a measure from tip axle to tip axle. The hanger lenght is somewhat in the order of 25 cms. or 10" inches.

Like to know if yours are longer truck’s than mine. If they are I will think about a future change.