Evolve GT Bamboo Street or DIY esk8?

Hi forum friends,

I would like to ask for an advice. I’ve been thinking to buy an esk8 already made… The thing is, for the cost of a diy I am not sure if I should buy an Evolve GT Street bamboo or if should spend the money on DIY esk8?

Material from protoboards:

Dual 2 vescs 2 motors 6355 2 motor mounts Set of abec11 83mm Antispark switch Liion 10S 4P Samsung 20C each 2500mh made by me… Costs for this diy it’s going to be around 1200€. So I don’t know if I should spend a little bit more and buy the GT.

I will appreciate your opinions guys!


Well seeing as this is an electric skateboard builders forum… DIY all the way. Building something yourself gives you wayyyyyy more satisfaction when it finally works. Yes it is more work and yes you will have problems but trust me, the feeling you get riding that board you built yourself is more than worth it IMO.


Another advantage to DIY is that with the components you listed, you will have more power (5kW vs 3kW on the evolve), and you’ll have way more customizability as far as programming the strength of acceleration and breaking. That being said, there is a lot of small parts that are not listed in your materials list. I do not know whether you have accounted for them or not in final price calculation, but if you haven’t, they could easily add another $100-$200 to your build. If you enjoy building it yourself I say go for it, you’ll enjoy it and get the satisfaction of riding something you built, but if that doesn’t interest you, just buy the evolve and I think you’ll be more satisfied long term.


I have an Evolve Bamboo GT, I’ve been riding it for 5 months already! Use it every single day for commute to work, I put about 15 kms a days. I’m extremely happy with the board, one of the best purchases I’ve ever made.

On the other hand I’m building a DIY board, I started with a Vanguard build, when I first rode it it was like WTF! It was lighter, faster and cheaper, the acceleration was on a different level than the Bamboo GT, I fixed almost any issue not and I like it more than the Bamboo GT.

While I was building the Vanguard, I came across a Never Summer Reaper board and inmediately fell in love with it, I HAD TO HAVE IT! So I purchased the board and all parts again and started the build, now I spend all my free time building both boards and having fun with the project, I’m waiting for all parts to arrive, but waiting really sucks, I’ve been waiting to the BMS from Battery Support in China for almost 1 month!

In the meanwhile I’m running the Bamboo GT but I really want torque and more acceleration, my Reaper build will have modular batteries so you could fly with the board with no issues.


It really depends on you. If you like to build and have the tools and skills and the time then you Diy. If you just want to skate, then buy a Pre built. Or, get @longhairedboy to build you a custom board.


If you build yourself your Board it has the advantage that if something destroyed you can repair by self. When you have a board thats you have by and by this if something breaks you must sending the Board back to repair. And then you must waiting that you became the Board back.


it depends if you are looking for a ready to run deck. The Evolve GT is dope, works fine… and the support depending where your at, is pretty good. The main difference is much more that 1) you are proud of what you ride because it’s YOUR deck 2) you can get whatever deck you want.


Thank you so much for your opinions guys. Actually I would love to make a great board. I have the skills to do it. But I am without a board right now and I am not really in the mood to wait to get all the materials… I am going to give a thought about it. Eboosted your diy esk8 rocks!!!

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Here is the Reaper getting ready for the battery pack build!

Go DIY, can’t describe the feeling buy you won’t get that with the Bamboo GT.


Some really good input here guys! I agree with all the the above. I started with a pre built but now I only build my own.


Im going to say a couple things the same but different - if you get a wild hair almost the only way you can get dangerous speeds is making your own. You can make one that gets much much more DISTANCE also for cheaper… your factory built will come with a warranty but you are going to want to fix it ASAP instead of having to wait and wait and you will know how if you have built it yourself - just look up some of the people that have been waiting for months by doing a quick search.

Either way you choose, choose a Helmet before stepping on it