Evolve GT carbon Remote help needed

Hi guys, got my hand on smashed Evolve GT with no remote. I was wondering if anyone from Northern Beaches, Sydney is willing to help and test the board with me. Need someone with remote just to see if unit is functional or not. Help is greatly appreciated!

Thanks Richard

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What have you been doing for 2 years?

Do you have a photo?

I am not sure I follow up. What do you mean by that?

One like this, sorry this is just a picture from internet, mine is taken a part already, but no problems to hook battery to motors and ESC, then I just need someone with controller who can pair it and see if that works. Dont want to buy new controller without know if its working, they are not that cheap.

Your last post was 2 years ago. Just wondering what you been up to

Ah I see. Well not much, was riding my DIY electric board, but few fings broke down and now I have this other one that I want to use parts from, so here I am looking for someone to help out , easy as that :slight_smile: