Evolve GT motor mounts

After months of design and modification with inputs from @b264 and @pixelsilva, here are the Evolve GT motor mounts we came up with: :point_down:


  • 8mm thick T6061
  • Fits wheels up to 107mm (can be custom to fit larger wheels)
  • Dual idlers with standard size sk8 bearings
  • All stainless hardware

Inside, under the deck or rearward, outside facing motor mounts :point_down: In_out_2

Top: outside facing
Bottom: inside facing In_out_4

Parallel slots to fit either 63xx or 50xx motor and elevate ~20 degree from the ground. Out_1

Universal motor mount with motor protection with the extended lip. Can also be outfitted with rear rubber bumper (2 threaded holes toward the rear) for additional motor protection. In_1 Dual - inside mounts :point_down:




Clearance between the double RKP and motor :point_down: In_3

Rearward, outside facing :point_down: Out_4




Ying yang :point_down: Out_2



Can confirm the straight ones fit two real 6374 under the deck (not Turnigy sk3) very nicely. Awesome mounts


Incredible! Have you made a pair that will work on an Evolve Bamboo GTX All-Terrain? https://evolveskateboardsusa.com/collections/bamboo-gtx-series/products/bamboo-gtx-all-terrain-skateboard

Same trucks on all of the evolve boards…

Those are the Supercarve trucks I am using with the mounts, yes




These look awesome, how can I get some if these please?

Please check your PM

Evolve motor mount with customizable POM pulley

Whats the price for this combo including shipping to CA? Also do they work with AT kit?

These mounts are designed to fit wheel sizes up to 107mm. I would need to modify the mount to fit AT kit. The price for the motor mounts (2) is $150 including US shipping. Pulleys are sold separately, ranges from $20 to $50 depending on the # of teeth.

  • 30-42 teeth…….$20
  • 44-58 teeth…….$30
  • 60-70 teeth…….$40
  • 72-78 teeth…….$50
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@marcmt88 - Do you have a dimension drawing of straight mounts showing overall length and dimension of centre of motor to centre of truck

Looking at AT 175mm wheels with a 66T wheel cog on Evolve GT truck



@marcmt88 thanks for that

the set-up I am looking for has a 108mm wheel cog and a 32mm motor cog on a 5065 motor with minimal overall length

Could you advise if your standard straight mount can accommodate this


My standard straight mount can fit a 108mm wheel diameter running 5065 motors. It also can handle a true dual 6374 setup.

That should work; yes.

Damn if these came in anodised black, I’d be all over them. Looking to build a new board with evolve trucks

So the angled mounts will fit two 6374’s on the same side, so long as they aren’t Turnigy brand???

They will fit dual 6374s. The Turnigy sk3 “6374” are not 6374s, despite their name, more like 5984 and that’s why they won’t fit. There is room for 75.5mm of motor

Ok, I’ll probably get a set this next month. That’ll work great!