Evolve GT | Problems & Solutions

Please post any technical issues you have found, how you fixed them etc


Despite what the instructional videos say, re-apply blue loctite (medium) to motor mount screws every time you break the thread seal to change wheels/ pulleys/ belts. Rough ground will eventually work out the screws if you rely on loctite residue.


If releasing your grip on the remote, switch off the remote first. The trigger is exposed and is highly sensitive. High risk it’ll catch on something (arm/ leg) while swinging from the lanyard loop, which will launch your board. Switching off the remote briefly won’t re-set the trip meter.


I went away for a weekend trip with my board but forgot the charger! Is it a standard port and will it be safe with non-official chargers or should I just not charge it at all?

I learned this the hard way and flew off my board while trying to put on the wrist strap while riding.

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As long as it fits and rated at 42v <=4A output.

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Evolve GT Maintenance Issue

I had one of the drive wheels make a clicking noise as I shifted from accelerating to braking. Diagnosis is a loose set screw for the drive gear on the motor. If you have this issue, you will need a 1.5mm allen wrench to remove it, apply thread locker, and reassemble it.


So I’m swapping my street setup to AT, I put everything on correctly from the 2 washers, then the gear, then 4 speed rings, then the wheel with bearings and spacer inside, and then a outer speed ring and then the nut to lock it all up. I had the belt covers on but after tightening everything, the wheels would literally drag on the side of the belt covers so I took them off and the wheels work fine.

  1. Are belt covers actually neccessary?
  2. Anyone have any clue what piece I might not be putting on loosly that would cause the wheel to be not far enough out on the axle to leave some clearance between the wheel and the belt cover?
    (Yes I’m using the right belt cover lol the small one for AT)

Did you put on the drive gear bearing and the two wheel bearings with spacer? 10 total

The gear has it’s bearing yep, 2 wheel bearings with spacer.
Yep yep and yep :expressionless:

Like it spins fine, (I haven’t ridden it yet since it’s 2 am but I’ll do that in the morning)

Just leave the covers off. There’s no real point to them and can damage your belts if a rock gets stuck inside them.


Sounds like you got everything right. I wonder what is off?

Which threadlocker are you using specifically? Loctite 243?

Uhhh I’m using 242, removable medium :0

Whats the issue with the overheating of the battery on GT mode. Goes into shut down mode and then cant use it for another 10min while it cools down after vigerous shredding for 10mins. Thats not fun and a design limitation.

Corrected @magnetvox


I’ve never had it on road wheels, no matter how hard I push it. I think it’s happening on AT wheels on grass- the post I read on it said hard carving on grass for 10 mins (I still haven’t used AT). I guess this depends on your view of design fault. AT wheels have a larger mass and grass has high rolling resistance; people are pushing the current high enough for long enough to induce heating. If you ride your raptor up a massive incline for 10 mins and your VESC overheats, is it a design flaw or a design limitation? I’d say what you are referring to is a design limitation. Having said that, if you read onloops discussion with Chaka about motor size, I’d be inclined to think that hard carving on grass with AT wheels for more than 10 mins warrants larger motors. Again though- it’s a design limitation not a flaw.

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I’ve been riding AT setup heaps lately, noticed after doing grass hills for a bit the motors heat up a bit. Haven’t had any issues with battery oveheat.

Today I went for about 20km on ATs. On bike path but was busy so a fair bit of grass. When I got in town I surfed some massive grass hills for bout 10min. Then Back home. Like any electric motor the more strain you put on it the more it heats. I ride GTmode 100% unless getting flat and haven’t had any issues with the electrics or drop outs.

I’m constantly amazed at how this thing handles offroad at high speed. Grass hills. dirty, gravel and hills. Eats em all up.

P.s. ( I’d rather it shut down for 10min than fry all the electrics of my $2000 sk8, doesn’t sound like a flaw to me.)


I dont know about you but if it stops after 10 mins Im saying its not fun. I did correct my terms. Yes better it shuts down than frys chips. Just a tad annoying wouldnt it.

Would have to be a hard 10min though. I push pretty hard.(last night i carried a case of beer a couple of kms. Up hills. No worries Lol)

I just put 8in ATs on and found the wheel rubbing on belt cover. I put 3 spacers on before drive bearing which seemed better.

Now I’ve got a noise on 1 side every revolution. I changed sides and noise changes over. I can’t figure out what it is?
Causes some vibration at higher speed.
Any Ideas?

Anyone experienced this yet. Know some of the old Evolves had issues, but looks like its haopeming with the motor mounts for GT as well.