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I’d like to know how that happened. Looks like more than just road vibration! (sometimes just random manufacturer fault)

I ride on and offroad all the time at bout 40kmh.

Evolve are pretty good with warranty, if it just snapped then it’s still within warranty and they will replace.


Hope someone out there can help!!

I’ve just received my carbon GT and I get really bad vibration sound when I’m carving. Its definitely coming from the front but I cant figure out what is causing it. I’ve tightened/loosened the trucks, greased the bearings, bushes and even stuffed tissue between the wheels to see if the valve maybe hitting the wheel. No luck so far. Any suggestions would be highly appreciated. I’ve made a video but cant upload on this site :disappointed:

Thanks in advance.

Maybe your CF-Deck is broken somewhere in the front?

Maybe a small crack in the deck or something has come loose internally

And you can link the video from YouTube

Thanks for pointing me towards youtube.

Link below

I have checked for cracks but cant see any.

check your bearings

Hi Jinra

I’ve greased the bearings. When I take the front wheel off the spacer is slightly loose inside and I have to give it a slight shake or use my finger to line it up so I can slide it back onto the trucks. I presume this is normal?


yep the spacer thing is normal, but perhaps try swapping wheels and see if you still have the problem.

Hi Jinra

I have swapped around the the front wheels but nothing has changed. :weary:

so your swapped the front wheels to the back and the back wheels to the front?

Just the two front. Will do what you suggest. Thanks for your help.

Swapped both front wheels to the back but the vibration noise is still present. Starting to get really annoying now!!

Is the noise coming from the same place (front)?

Hi Jinra

Its definitely coming from the front end. I removed the belt covers just to eliminate them.

Could you take some pictures of the problem area?

Hi Jinra

Really appreciate your help. I’ve left work now so will take some pics when I get back. Not too sure if it would help to be honest.
For the front wheels, is it speed ring, wheel, speed ring and then nut? My first speed ring is like its part of the truck as I tried to flick it off with a knife but no luck.

Hm that’s weird, the speed ring, or washer, should be free floating be able to come off the truck. Maybe it’s deformed and got stuck to the truck and is rubbing against the bearing shield. I’d try to get it off and replace it.

The order should be (Speed ring, bearing, spacer, bearing, speed ring, axle nut) in terms of what goes on the axle.

Yesterday i was swaping my gt from AT to street for the first time and noticed the exact same thing on my front left wheel. The speed ring is stuck on the truck and can’t get it off. That is not the same case on any other of the wheels though.
@bornagainskater , it may sound stupid but why don t you open the cover to check if there is something loose in there?

Mate … Take the front truck entirely off…

Look where the base plate is touching the board…look for cracks inside … You can use books to elevate the front end where the trucks would go…have someone light stand on it and lightly bounce and check (use a flash light) and listen

Edit: the sound in the video sounds like a small crack resonating from the board…sounds like it’s only one side … Does it make a sound more or less if you turn left or right

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