Evolve GT-R (dual 6384)

New board from Evolve?


6384? Now that sounds more my style. Where did you find this?

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Meh. it looks like they have “evolved” to 63mm motors and reverse kingpin trucks, - the DIY standard. Looks like they want to copy the enertion style precision trucks - with the cutouts in the truck hanger.

Unless they are doing something new with their batteries/speed controllers, there does not seem to be anything new in this design.

If this design is indeed for a new product, they need to lift their game - or better yet, put a representative on the forum, so we can help them build a better board!



They’ve taken the R designation. That can only mean one thing: capitalization on the recent increase in interest in racing.

Won’t mean shit if they keep using those awful prismatic packs they’ve been using. Good news is it looks like they’re still using the same deck and box configuration, which means i can still mod these. And with any luck they’re using a standard bolt hole pattern which could mean motor upgrades if they have a bad run on their motors.

Expect braking issues of some flavor. Could be a new unexpected flavor but i’ll bet there is some kind of issue.

If it isn’t dual diagonal then how in the goddamn hell do they fit dual 80mm+ cans on the same truck? Is it still those 300mm trucks?

it must be. Those trucks are soooooo wide.


I have inside info on this and it has a 10s4p 18650 pack.

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what cells though? if they’re using shit laptop cells i’ll still be fixing thier boards. IF they’re using 30Qs then Enertion might be in a bit of trouble since there would be some kind of actual competition on performance here in this 10S space for once.

I’ll get the popcorn.

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Ugly board. Looks like one of the dozen or more chinese models out there. Look at those trucks. Seems that the only reason they’ve surfed these forums is to imitate eboarders trends. First Trampa jumped over the VESC proprietary camp, now Evolve is bedding ABEC 11, and judging by this trucks, it will be the turn for Ronin to become their new mistress soon.


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Not uglier than a bamboo GT or GTX!

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They’ll need to develop wider precision trucks to mount dual 6384s. Ronins no less. Not going to be cheap at all…

Will be interesting to see if anything comes of this.

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pretty sure they would be doing their own trucks, they have the scale where they don’t need to source from others.


Sorry when i think GT-R i think Twin turbo AWD lol


If anyone is still wondering about this they made vid it’s just for fun racing against a go kart they are not making it was just a factory challenge thing

Heard that Evolve will release a faster board in the next couple of months, … the GTR might become reality!

Where did you hear this?

faster board huh… so now we get gold plated 200kv racerstar motors? because that’s the most logical progression if you study their patterns.

don’t hold your breath people. a faster Evolve means minimum mechanical upgrades and more battery sag.


Surely they are not that stupid. I would expect them to switch to 18650s with their next board. Faster speeds won’t do much, I have their trucks on 6355 190kv and once you pass 27mph it becomes scary. Sure, you can tighten the hell out of those trucks but then what’s the point of a double kingpin setup if you can’t carve like a boss because you made them so stiff to go really fast…

Apparently, 18650 cells, wider trucks and a stiffer deck than the bamboo GT.

I’ve made an entire business out of putting better packs in their boards.

The GTX is a bamboo with a 10ah prismatic and gold plated motors. They’ve already been that stupid.

THE GT-R will be a GTX with 18650s, provided they listened when the entire world told them their fear of 18650s was nothing more than a stunt to justify cheaper, shittier packs to increase their margins. It would be a magical work of magic if they went with a 10S4P and boosted the ESC and put 200kv motors on there to finally… after all this time… hit that coveted 2014 standard of 27mph.

its a carver, so yeah, i don’t know wtf they are doing unless they are trying to come into raptor territory with a standard RKP on 220mm+ trucks, which i doubt, because that would mean using something other than thier $7 generic hanger.

a faster carver. That alone is stupid unless they plan to ship stronger ankles out with their boards.

i don’t even know wtf they are doing anymore. I’m so confused by them…