Evolve GT-remote stuck in boot loop

Long shot maybe but i thought would ask anyway, I have contacted Evolve about the matter but they aren’t really cobra quick to answer.

My GT-remote, not the R2. froze with a case of “White screen of temporally useless” Opened it up, as usual and disconnected/connected the battery again. Strange thing is that when i started it again it’s stuck in some kind of boot loop…It never starts fully or sync to the board.

It look like this: https://youtu.be/2VXej9zsGaQ

Any idéas what can have happened and what can be done to try to get it going again? Any help is appreciated.

It could be a battery issue, are you able to swap it out?

Yeah my first guess is also a battery issue, or a BMS issue actually

Thanks for your suggestions. I managed to find someone close by who also has a broken remote. Hopefully I kan join them in to one, functioning remote.

Just to be clear, I mean the BMS in the remote, not the one in the longboard