Evolve GT - shipping battery

I have a Evolve Carbon GT board in Germany. As I live in China, there’s a bit of a problem bringing it back by airplane.

3 options: selling the board on Egay (losing money?) shipping the battery to Cn (cost??) selling the battery here

I need some advice. did anybody ship a battery from Europe already?

edit: the board was used for 2-3 weeks only.

sell the battery in germany and build a custom in china You will be able to get more range then. You may have to seperate the evolve BMS as it’s part of the esc I believe

Or buy a cheap clone for the time of ur stay, if it’s not too long.

that’s a good option. from Evolve you can buy a spare battery for 450€ let’s see how much somebody wants to pay here. In China I have 80 Sanyo batteries w/ 3500mAh could use them. but then I would use my own BMS.

but honestly, I am more happy with a Trampa and the gear from Nowind (Jenso) I even think of selling the whole board.

@ElskerShadow funny, I did that. brought a Landwheel for a friend. it broke after 5 min now I have my second board from them, also broken and wasted 400$ not to mention the multiple times mounting the (useless) drive on the board, trying it, asking for refund, and heard even generation 3 from Landwheel/useless/boards still have problems.

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I have a question. In January I’m moving to Shenzhen and I also have Bamboo GT which i love pretty much. Did you figure out how to ship the board to China?

you can not ship it in the normal way. I think just by “ship” which takes 30 days and a lot of paperwork involved.