Evolve GT Trucks on APS carbon deck

Hi there! I’m quite new to the DIY eboard, I bought at first an APS board with 64mm motors 3.2kw… I really enjoy this board! But I’m in love with the Evolve Bamboo gt especially for the trucks, I love’em! So I wanna buy some of those and try to fit them in my deck, I got a carbon deck but I’m not sure if it is possible to cut the deck to make it drop through… I don’t want to crack it!! Any suggestions?

No its is deffinitely not possible, you would destroy the deck, it would not hold…

Drop through with the evolve trucks doesn’t really have clearance for the motors with most boards that aren’t directly from evolve. The deck I use has the holes for drop through, but I just bottom mount it because if I drop through mounted it the motors would hit the back of my board.

I think it depends on how much material is left around the truck to support the weight. Drilling through it slowly is my bet on a clean hole through the deck, then sanding away anything else in the way too. Why not, what’s the worst that could happen?

The deck will crack…all the dropthrough carbon fiber boards have a special reinforcment around the truck mounts…some hardwood usually, but I have also seen some kind of plexiglass…

However top mount carbon fibeer decks are usually foam core decks with much less reinforcment…maybe some soft wood, or just a predrilled bigger holes filled with epoxy around the truck screws…

Not a good idea, it wont last…try sending a PM to APS support to get more info about the deck and its materials…

Sweet thank you for all the answers!!

so you bottom mounted the trucks from Evolve?

Yea I did, I ended up having to put on angled risers too so that the motors wouldn’t hit my deck when turning.

@oct0f1sh Is it possible to have a pic of it? I wonder how it looks like!

I’m using gullwing sidewinders with evolve hangers which are pretty much the same as evolve trucks

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