Evolve GT unfinished project parts. Dual Focbox,10s4p VT6 ,Trampa WAND Remote, Focbox Heatsink and much more! [EU]

Hello all,

I’m selling all the parts, and some more, of my Evolve GT project. This is a long ongoing project which I’m just not able to finish because of too less time, and in the meanwhile lost drive :-). I want to get rid of the stuff to be able to buy a GTR.

The whole project is basically comprised of an Evolve Bamboo GT with a new GTX Grip Tape and completely replaced electronics. Apart from the deck itself, the 83mm wheels and motors, everything is brand new and never saw the street! The 10s4p battery was build by Kevin Dark and got a small BMS already attached. I don’t know the numbers of this BMS and wanted to put another on it. The left stuff is basically connecting battery, bms, anti spark and Focboxes together. Some parts didn’t fit to each other which needed some further modifications as e.g. the anti spark switch isn’t compatible with the Evolve switch built in the battery case. Thing like that still needed some love…

This is the first time I’m selling here, so bear with me if I’m doing something wrong :slight_smile:

Here is the parts list. Some of the stuff was even bought here on the forum.

  1. [sold] Evolve Bamboo GT Deck with brand new GTX Grip Tape (70€)
  2. [sold] Evolve GT/GTX/GTR Front und Rear Trucks complete (Hanger and Base Plate) (100€)
  3. [sold] 2x Evolve 32T Drive Gear (30€)
  4. [sold] 2x Evolve Belt Cover (10€)
  5. [sold] 1x Enertion single Focbox (80€) - read additional note
  6. [sold] 1x Enertion single Focbox (80€)
  7. [sold] 1x CNC Heatsink specifically built for a Dual Focbox setup within the GT/GTX battery case (40€) (More infos here: (https://electric-skateboard.builders/t/evolve-heatsink-for-dual-focboxs/59619/154 )
  8. [sold] 1x 3D printed Riser for the battery case to be able to house the cells (35€)
  9. [sold] Sony VT6 18650 10s4p 36V Battery Pack. Incl. BMS (350€). Never used!
  10. [sold] 1x Racerstar 5065 140KV Motor, with 3,5mm connector for Focbox (30€)
  11. [sold] 1x Racerstar 5065 140KV Motor with 3,5mm connector for Focbox (30€)
  12. [sold] 1x 12AWG parallel XT60 female to 2x male adapter cable (5€)
  13. [sold] 1x Can Bus cable to connect two focboxes (4€)
  14. [sold] 1x Bluetooth UART module for electric skateboards (IOs Metr App) from eskating.eu. This Module seems to be no longer available and did cost 24€. (12€) (https://eskating.eu/product/bluetooth-uart-module-for-electric-skateboards-android/ )
  15. [sold] Trampa WAND VESC Remote, brand new! (140€) (https://electric-skateboard.builders/t/vesc-wand-remote-soon-to-arrive-from-the-future/94611/244 )

And here some more spare parts:

  1. [sold] 1x Flipsky Anti Spark Switch incl. switch (25€)
  2. [sold] 1x Maytech Anti Spark Switch MTS1810AS (30€)
  3. [sold] 1x BMS 10S 60A 36V 18650 Battery with balancing. Incl. cables (25€) (https://www.ebay.de/itm/10S-60A-36V-37V-42V-Li-ion-ion-LiPo-Li-Polymer-18650-Battery-BMS-PCB-w-Balance/323435175403?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649 )
  4. [sold] 1x Smart BMS 10s 60A with Bluetooth module. Incl. Cables (35€)(https://www.lithiumbatterypcb.com/product/13s-48v-li-ion-battery-pcb-board-54-6v-lithium-bms-with-60a-discharge-current-for-electric-motorcycle-and-e-scooter-protection-2-2-3-2-2-2-2-2/ ) [sold] 23. 1x FLIPSKY 2.4 GHz VX1 remote for single V4 A6O3. In OVP (27€) [sold] 24. 4x Evolve GT 97mm Wheels. Brand new, still coated! (45€)

– Still available: –

3. 2x Evolve GT/GTX Motor Mounts (25€) 8. 1x Evolve GT/GTX battery case, without heatsink (40€) 14. 4x Evolve GT 83mm Drift Wheels. Have about 200km runtime. Only flat ground. Nothing special. (20€)

I’m located in Germany an will only ship to Europe or someone wants to stop by and have a chat with a beer and two meters between us :slight_smile:

Additional Note: I just remembered while removing the covers of the Focboxes that I had to sand down some of the plastic on the edges of the covers so that the Focboxes can sit next to each other on the heatsink with covers on. Therefore the housing screwed back together looks a bit off. If you want to use the focboxes together with the heatsink then I can leave the cover as they are. If not I would just sell them without the covers. - Therefore I will reduce the price for the Focboxes to 100€ each.

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Ok, will try it. Thanks!

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Aand done :slight_smile: Had to create the account first. Was not following the forum actively for a while and kind of missed the new forum.

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Have the focboxes been sold ?

Where you‘re from in Germany? The offer to stop by and talk about stuff I could use while drinking on or two beer sounds good :wink:

Hey, sorry for the late reply. I thought I’ve activated the notifications…but nope…

I’m located in Karlsruhe.

Ich wär definitiv an dem Anti Spar Switch von Flipsky interessiert. Ich komme aus Kaiserslautern. Also gar nicht soo weit weg. Aber obs ned besser ist das zu versenden weiß ich ned. Kommt drauf an, wie du Zeit hast.

Tatsächlich nicht so weit weg. :slight_smile: Unter der Woche ist es bei mir schwer. Ich komm meist erst sehr spät nach Hause. Da ist Versand vl. doch besser…