Evolve gtx 12s8p battery upgrade

hello everyone! I’m building a 12s8p battery pack for my custom evolve gtx out of Samsung 30q batteries. I used a spacer bought off eBay for the extra space. im still building this but enjoy! pictures coming soon

Ummmmm… the way those batteries are glued together indicates that you are building an 8s12p… you might wanna do a little more research bro…


Perhaps consider moving on to the real builders forum at


This place is dead bro.


Not necessarily he could just be welding his cells in a really stupid way

Lol I don’t know why I didn’t realize that :joy: time to tear apart some of the cells


have of try 21700

If you need a flexible spacer that fits the boards curvature and adds either 19 or 24 mm of extra space, let me know.