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Evolve GTX Deck Swap Help: Drilling Holes For Enclosure w/ Different Concave

Hi everyone,

Been having some trouble with getting a deck swap done for an Evolve Bamboo GTX. Have tried to drill holes for the battery enclosure 3 times now and each time the holes are a little off (also have 3 sets of JB Weld wood putty filling in said holes now lol). I’ve tried marking the holes directly from the stock deck on to the new deck and tracing the enlcosure on a paper to transfer.

My question at this point is how much difference would it make that the new deck is a “w concave” shape vs the standard concave like on the evolve stock decks?

If anyone has any tips or suggestions to offer, I would be most grateful.

For reference, I am using a different style deck that is a 40" version of whats in the link below:

Ok looks like the problem is the board is not flat at the bottom compared to the evolve. You would need to put the enclosure on top of the deck and drill pilot holes with a small drill bit, then enlarge it after. Also be sure to use a gasket or washers to take the gap up. Make sure the enclosure doesn’t move around as well.

Not sure I understand how to line up the holes in the enlcosure with it on top. The challenge with the Evolve enclosures is that they use have threaded barrels built inside for the bolts to go into vs through the enclosure like most

Only thing that comes to mind is to stick something in each barrel that could “stamp” the deck, but not sure if thats going to do much better with out being able to stretch the enlcosure over the bottom to make sure I get a a tight fit. Seen plenty of other deck swaps, but none looked like they had these kinds of problems (though most of them were probably also way better experienced than I am tbh)

Honestly didn’t think it was gonna be this much hassle…

Ah ok I see hmm you could try putting the deck on top of the new one and making pilot holes into the new one then it would line up. But honestly evolve decks are nice on their own.

Go ahead and give this a go. Let me know if it helps.

Was planning to try that again next. Did that the first time, but didn’t get good results. That’s why I thought to ask if the difference in concave types would make a difference. Not sure if the enclosure would stretch differently over the board and need slightly different placement than the stock deck.

I don’t actually mind the Evolve deck, but they want $150 for a stock replacement… at that price, would rather have something I really like vs a branded deck that normally cost $40. Live in an area with a lot of hills and rough roads, so the mini drops for foot placement were also an attractive option.

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I mean if its really difficult you can just drill into where the screws go in wouldn’t make much difference as long as the bit is smaller.

My recommendation, install screws in all the threads of the enclosure, line up deck and enclosure as straight as possible and then give is a press - you should see the imprints of the screws in the wood and can just drill there

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