Evolve Gtx top speed 70km

How do i make my evovle gtx get to a top speed of 70km?

… Wat. :rofl:

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You buy a new board… JK you could change the ratio to lower and put bigger wheels on, but the acceleration will suck. And I dont think trucks will be stable on so high speed and you will get woobles and will crash


You can get to about 55km, 200kv motors, 107mm wheels & use a 32t gear… but as mentioned above the acceleration/ braking will suck…board bumpers do have a 19t motors pulley & 23t wheel pulley im sure that would get you a bit more speed as well…

  1. Take off trucks and replace with trucks that can handle over 55km. Something with a large hanger width.
  2. Replace wheels potentially 110mm wheels.
  3. Replace battery to 12s / 13s.
  4. Replace esc.
  5. Come to realisation you have an evolve and the amount youve just spent you should have built a diy from scratch.

6a. Build diy


6b. Cry because youre confused and have 1.5 boards that dont work.

7a. Have DIY that goes 70km. Have fun!


7b. Contact @mackann and buy a bioboard.

Good luck mate.


DH riders choose narrow trucks for a reason, you basically extend the effective wheelbase. (I’m no DH rider so please correct me if I’m wrong)


You have Eric from NYC build you a cgt

describe building a DIY-Esk8 in one sentence …

  1. Get a friend with a pickup truck or a car that has a bike holder on the trunk
  2. Stand on the board, hold to the truck/car
  3. Tell the friend to accelerate to 70+km/h
  4. ???
  5. Profit (most likely from life/death insurance)

Still a higher chance for success than trying it with a Unity


The roasting is still leaking everywhere. Lmao. :laughing:



First on your shopping list should be a set of brown trousers, and maybe a hula skirt for the epic wobbles you’re going to get going that speed on a set of Evolves.


You spend 4K on all the parts to modify a cgt.

Edit: there is no sarcasm or jest to this response. It’s possible, it’s expensive, it’s mostly fun.

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Yeah but how are you going to fit two 6380s on a narrow hanger without it looking shit. :joy:

And wheel bite with 110mm wheels.

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Buy a real monster GX4 from bajaboard or Bioboards, adapt ratio and wheels, renew your insurance and add a GTX sticker on the board. Alternative, will be a trampa and change ratio, wheels…

But I am a greenhorn here with read only skills, so let confirmed and guru’s assist you their advise should be much more better than mine.

You are yes.

Baja or channel trucks at that speed will kill you.

Bioboard uses 3dservisas fixed gear ratios that are insanely fast but not that speed.

Nothing you suggested will work

You forget that Trampa also makes the Orrsom.

Brent you n00b :rofl:

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Hi, That’s why, renew your insurance was the only good idea…

Before you spend a cent/penny i would find a nice long downhill smooth stretch, then pelt it down on full throttle. This way you’ll find out whether you really fancy going 70kph+. You never know, might save you a few dollars… :joy: