Evolve just posted them going 60 km/h on a GT on flats! (a new one maybe?)

Very interesting video for me since I like high speed. Not sure if they just changed the gearing, but that’s a huge jump in speed. Looks like a new color scheme, or different battery/motors possibly?

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Yeah wow, just saw it.

The controller is set on 83mm 32t…

Need bigger motors i would say. 60 kmh wow( Imagine 97mm wheels!!)

32T and 83mm at 60 km/h?? If that’s true they must have changed motor pulley, battery and motors.

Watch the battery reading on the remote

Yeah battery % does go down when you put under load.

Look at board! Different deck! White marble looking!

Wut `? How would you get such a high jump in top speed ? Just a few days ago i was on a ride with @constantinos156 and he was on his gt. He couldn’t go faster than 34km/h I think. But this here is totally a different level, even though the battery on the remote goes to 22% from 97% in 5 seconds :slight_smile:

More likely higher kv motor since the reading is calculated with 15/32 gearing in mind, which means the motor is spinning much faster.

My guess is a 230kv motor

What packs are they using the gt standard? Hows that sag compare to others who have meters on there diy setup?

What gets me is on their youtube they said they ran out of track and the board still had room to go faster.

Even with 230 kV and 10s and that gear ratio… How is 60 km/h with room to go possible. They must be running 12s and 230 kV, which won’t work well with VESC but their esc can handle it I guess.

max speed at 10s 230kv is 38mph, higher at full charge. I doubt it’ll go much faster than 60km/hr with their remaining throttle.

But isn’t that unweighted max?

yep, which can come pretty close depending on the setup. the raptors theoretical max is 45kmh at nominal and it actually goes that speed

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They said it isn’t a production board, it’s a test board.

Yep but still pretty impressive to hit 60 km/h and be “still climbing” on a 10s.

I think the comment it has more in it, maybe 1 more km/h. The last 9 seconds on throttle only get it from 57 to 60

The motors look the same. The deck looks like it has a skin on it. Why you would want to cover that beautiful carbon fibre I have know idea. Or is it to give it that test mule look wrap that they give cars.

Very impressed by that speed. Good to see the rider has a full face on because it would hurt if you come off at those speeds. Nice smooth road for the test.

I think it’s great they are stepping up the speed, now let’s see a video of how this board handles hills… The key to me is high speeds and hill climbing ability. So show us more. I like how they take the one angle I think that board looks good at. The motors look good only at that back angle. They are good at hyping.

Yea probably although evolve again emphasized to me on Instagram that this was not max speed.

37mph…Who gives a shit. This has been beat several times by many by at least 5mph without the voltage sag.

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