Evolve on VESC mods

post the screen shots showing the settings you have been changing

I have two APS motors (no sensors) on two Enertion Focboxes. Motor detection failed on both Vescs and motors were going full on spastic. It only worked when I increased the duty cycle from 0.05 to 0.08 ish.

  1. Flipsky dual 6.6 plus
  2. VX2 remote
  3. Evolve GTX gen2 motors
  4. Set to FOC
  5. Current brake, no reverse
  6. V0 & V7 = true
  7. High Current = true ( without these it doesnt work)
  8. motor Current 45A, regen 30A
  9. ERPM 40000
  10. Latest firmware, reflashed multiple times
  11. Both VESC identical settings
  12. 10S 10000Mah
  13. Max Duty 95%
  14. Min Duty 0.5%
  15. Min Volts 8V
  16. Max 42V
  17. CAN rate 50hz

As I`m putting these deets in, looking at the VESC app, the ABS Tacho is counting away slowly.

Ill post screen shots in a bit

actual screen shots would be better