Evolve original 10S bms (sold)

They changed this out a year ago because they said the potion of the wire was ribbing against another connection in a nearby component. I went ahead and included my 11 pin adapter wires from a bestech bms that I’m just going to have to replace. It’s small at only 3.75 in long and 2 inches wide.somce it hasn’t been used in a while, I’ll give full refunds if you have any issues. That being said I expect it to be fine. Make me an offer guys

Just checked, everything worlds fine

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does it have a switch

I really can’t say. I don’t know enough about everything-switches to see them on bms chips. Maybe someone else in this forum knows or can tell from thepics. Anyone who knows this answer?

I’m not sure what the blue/purple wire and the red/black one coming out of the side. One might be where they design the switch to plug