Evolve Pintail Bamboo Gen 1

Hi there,

My name is Flim and I’m planning to get into electric skateboards. I’ve looked around, done some research and then I stumbled upon a used Evolve Pintail Bamboo Gen 1. This board looks pretty sick to me. However, the board is about 4 years old. And the condition is not the best, the battery only lasts for about half an hour and god knows what else is not functioning to its full capacities. The price on the other hand is 250 euros. Now I need your guys’s advice. Would you get this board for this price or isn’t it worth it.

Thank you for reading, Flim

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Personal opinion here.

You’ll likely be paying for trucks, mounts, perhaps motors and enclosure. You could keep the ESC and remote as well.

You’ll probably need: Wheels, battery, bearings.

I’d say if the deck is in decent condition and the remote looks good it’s probably a decent buy. That pintail deck is really sweet in my opinion.

First thing I would do though is post on the evolve forums (https://evolveforums.com/) and see if someone has a gen1 pintail laying around, they are pretty dated now and there’s likely a load of them shelved. Shopping around a bit wouldn’t kill.

Good luck and enjoy yourself whatever you decide to do!