Evolve Pivot Cups?

Are there specific pivot cups I should be getting for the double kingpin trucks from Evolve? I’m sure Riptide carries something compatible, but I need some confirmation from somebody else.

The cracked ice cups fit them, I got them and they are so much better. Give me a sec, I’ll link you to what I’m talking about.

https://www.muirskate.com/longboard/products/71509/riptide-cracked-ice-indy-pivot-cups Don’t forget to get 2 sets.

Interesting… so you say these cracked pivot cups work with Evolve’s trucks, and the product description says they are also compatible with Gulllwing sidewinders.

I actually already have Riptide Pivot Cups for sidewinders. Does that mean they’ll work with the Evolve trucks @Alphamail?


the evolve trucks ARE sidewinders

atleast i think so… :thinking:

The Evole Supercarve trucks are not Sidewinders

are they not essentially the same thing with differently shaped hangars?

That’s like saying a Chevrolet car is a Ford car

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RipTide Indy Pivots will work in both Evolve Supercarve and Sidewinder trucks

wait they’re not the same thing?

Sweet! I got the pivot cups specifically for Sidewinder trucks. Will those work with the Supercarves?

They should work fine, please let us know for sure. They are all extremely close in dimensions.

Aight, will do! These Pivot Cups are for a friend, so I’ll have to get their opinion.

Also, what bushings do you recommend for a 120-130ish pound individual? The board in question is of course the Evolve with supercarve trucks.

Said friend currently uses Orangatang Orange Nipples. Need a bushing recommendation that will compliment the 96A pivot cups that will go on the Evolve.

@PredatorBoards, I currently have a combination of riptide krank short barrels on both roadside positions (93a top/87a bottom) and riptide APS barrels on both boardside positions ( 97.5a top/95a bottom). For reference I am 145lbs and used precision insert washers on roadside postions and cup washers for boardside positions. Very stable at speed and very carvy when desired. Only tighten the kingpin nut enough to prevent bushing from turning by hand and not overtighten as this reduces the action and lifespan of the bushings. A tuned ride is night and day:sunglasses:


They are similar in design and though there may be some minor differences, they are basically the same as far as performance. NOTE: Double pivot trucks have never been recommended for high speed skating because of there inherently poor stability. Frankly I never liked them for low speed carving either.


Evolves are much wider in width

Supercarve trucks have 305mm 10mm/8mm stepped axle and motor mounts

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Saying “an Evolve Super Carve is the same as a Gullwing Sidewinder II” is like saying a Ferrari Mondial is the same as a Ford Pinto just because both are 2 door coupe!


Being wider will improve stability but I still wouldn’t trust double pivots at high speed.

If the wheelbase is over 40" I’d trust them at high speed.

Evolve boards have over 40" wheelbase???