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Evolve possibly doubting on Enertion's DIY kits?

Without a doubt Jason has brought a change into the DIY esk8 community with his level of expertise and knowledge. Doesn’t he deserve some love and cooperation?

I bet a market analysis showed that more and more possible customers go the DIY route.
this is the last attempt to reach them.
If someone who is not sure either to buy or to build one by himself reads this, maybe he thinks he cant do it and buys one of the evolves.

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Definitely agree, previously they were hyping the capabilities of their single inrunner motor and now they have seemingly changed that into a more rational one, even though Jason and the DIY community has “evolved” much faster. Its going to be a tough battle ahead with Enertion’s modular based design, Jason can really set a new market for the esk8 community as a whole.

And with this, I have lost any respect I had for evolve. This is pure propaganda to convince people to buy there boards. Thumb control from my experience is much easier and more intuitive. Saying the trigger is more intuitive is bs,

Great job at getting the diy community, which has respected your work, to hate you. You gave a middle finger to us, and we will give it right back to you.

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Thumb control personally has also been more comfortable. They have and are doing their marketing right, luring in customers through various biased opinions.

The funny part, is this is just more motive for me to finish my diy builder website. I would be done with it by now if I wasn’t working on building boards myself also. By the time this tool is done, evolve can’t say diy is much harder at all then buying a complete.


thumb vs trigger is entirely personal preference, myself trying both prefer trigger.


They’re trying to grab customers by luring in through various tactics not realizing where the DIY community has gone to and underestimating the DIY potential. Cant wait to see your final product. :slight_smile:

Definitely agree, various perspectives can be accounted for but as long as it gets the job done in a good fashion :slight_smile:

That was part of my point. Some feel trigger is easier, some feel thumb is easier. Making a statement saying one is factually more intuitive then the other is bs and a lie.

Also, saying only recently, 2 motors has become a better option then 1 is bs. People having been having great results with 2 motors for years. There’s no big change recently that have made motors that much better.

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im all for diy but you can´t really say their argument isn´t valid.


Kah Bam. This topics going to fire up. @onloop if you chime in only respond with facts. We already know this is marketing from EV. as some of the giys have already pointed out. At the end of the day we all just want to have fun.

To add my point. So for $1950 Aus they don’t think soneone can get an DIY board up. Maybe not in the time, but that is part of the fun. The waiting for parts is a bore though.

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What part of their argument is valid?

  • “Only recently has motor technology evolved enough to allow good performance from two motors” - Straight up lie. Nothing else to say about that.
  • “The index finger is the most intuitive way to control and feel anything” - True for some, not true for others (like me who feel the thumb is better)
  • “Making your own electric board sounds easy, but its not. It requires a lot of time, practice, tinkering, and money!” - Now there’s some truth to this. If you do proper research, you can build your own board for far less then evolve, and with little tinkering. It really depends on the parts you choose to use. Generally speaking, it does take longer, and more money than cheaper pre-made boards. But certainly, anyone can build a board cheaper than evolves prices.

I see a lot more bs than truth.

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there is a lot of crap on that page… but the DIY bit… to me, its a no brainer. I can make a better board than evolve. I have the skills.
however some people might not have the skills or the inclination. Most people just want to hand over their money and ride whats given to them.

I come from a car background. its the same there… I like to work my own car myself. Most people just want to drop the car off at the shop and pick it up all built.
there is plenty of people with plenty of money that will happily buy ready to ride boards.

I think the decisions have already been made for those people. evolve are fishing for the fence sitters.

its no surprise that everyone who sells boards are going to tell you that theirs are the best.


I also have used thumb control and trigger control extensively and find that they both work well for me.
I agree that it’s a matter of personal preference, not one is better than the other.

in a situation where a jerk of your forearm might tighten your grip, the trigger isn’t the better solution. At least with the thumb it is easier for it to slip off and around the controller. Now whether the board jerks or not is another situation… So one can be better than the other in a safety or procedural type of way :wink:

Nice… interesting…

So how long did evolve customers “actually” wait for a prebuilt board that could compete with most DIY builds? Seriously. Metro was the only company out there selling completes that could pretty much pace our Diy builds.

Evolve said my GT should be arriving to them this week after which they’ll ship out. My DIY is still pending space cell, ollin vescs, ollin motors, and enclosure. Ordered the ollin stuff about 3+ weeks ago and the space cell+ enclosure 5/20.

Wonder which I’ll get first :stuck_out_tongue:

My point was the GT is the first board evolve has made that may compete with speed/torque/distance with a lot of our DIY builds. How long did it take? And the sidewinder trucks are pretty much proven to suck above the 25mph mark compared to RKP trucks.

Saying most of what he says means nothing to most of us who know he cloned the truck design and straight up followed the DIY community on outrunners in a dual set up.