Evolve R2 New 2018 Remote Review


> “Most of the tricky issues with Evolve centered around their remote and connectivity issues. Those issues appear to have been completely eliminated with the introduction of the R2.”

Enjoy :slight_smile:

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Now we can tape down the accelerator for balls-to-the-walls mode. You’re either braking or applying full throttle at all times. Because nobody has time for slow


Only work with Evolve boards?

I’m curious to try it, but still skeptical. As long as we have a good sized trigger range, I don’t really see the problem they are trying to solve with this.

Whether it’s better or not they had to come out with a new remote. The public demanded it.

Time will tell if it’s better, I guess. They won’t sell me one, so oh well…

I think it is way better. Though the breaking throttle dose not lie intuitively for my thumb.

It is exactly this that are the main fix imo.

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There are remotes out there with good throttle ranges also though. I get the evolve needing a new remote thing.

What I guess erks me is in a lot of reviews, they say this is the best remote, this is the best eboard, this is the best xyz. “Best” means nothing, cause apparently, everything is the best. I saw some of the same kind of reviews about the nano-x.

The one good thing I do see is it looks like a nice throttle range.

Only question: does anyone know if that screen is an oled display? Just curious, since oled displays that size are so cheap these days, I’d be a shame not to use one.

I get your point. I don’t know if this is better than other remotes out there. It is better than the old evolve remote. And as long this is the only remote that can be used with the evolve boards, thats counts for something. If one don’t have an evolve board it really dosn´t matter if this remote is better, as without an evolve board you can not use the remote.

Does anyone have any updates on this remote? Is it worth buying when it’s in stock again?

Over the old gt remote for your Evolve - definitely. They just announced software and battery update.

Problem solved by myself.

The issue, the brake spring on my kids r2 fell off inside the remote under normal conditions.

The result, the spring dislodged the sms switch for the brake located on the motherboard.

I spotted the issue under a microscope.

I then re-soldered it and reassembled the remote thus putting a dab of jb weld on the plastic pin that holds the spring.

This should never happen on such a critical part.

Just letting you guys know. Do yourself a favour, when you get your new r2 remote carefully split the case and put a small dab of jb weld on the brake spring as well as the usb connector. It will save you a lot of grief down the road. PS use a toothpick20190727_075010 20190711_182524 20190713_095210 20190713_095234(1)