Evolve ReBuild | Evolve One GT Dual Motor Special Edition | FocBox Unity | 10s4p 30q | Flipsky VX1 Remote | Abec11’s | Bestech d140 charge only BMS

Just a classic Evolve rebuild. Which just so happens to be my first real build from the info on this forum. Thx guys for the info.

Find an Evolve with no electronics or non working and gut it out and remove all the crappy Evolve electronics that could lead to your death. (eBay in my case). Replace it with the best components in your own opinion. Ride safe.

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One of my favorite prebuilt esk8 was the bamboo one, fun while it lasted

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Hey, im just making sure, if i buy the vx1 remote from flipsky, would i choose the vesc 4, vesc 6, or non vesc reciever for the focbox unity?

So what did you do with the sensored wires for the stock motors

Im thinking of doing this exact same thing what was the estimated cost not including the board