Evolve Skateboards - New Board - GT Carbon!

They probably had extra of those swappable kits so adding that to your order turns you into a “2 in 1” The charger is the same because the battery is the same wH even though it’s now lithium ion instead of Lithium Polymer.

This one’s for @Mr_Mahal, while waiting for my GT to show up next Tuesday this carbon fiber enclosed dual hub deck arrived today from China. Funny, looks like the result of a fight between his raptor and GT :grinning:


Please everybody let me know when you get your AT setups. Want to see how true wheels spin and if there is any unwanted noise while turning carving.

Thanks and have fun carving…

Holy crap dude, I was thinking about buying it a few weeks ago but decided not to because its from China. How is the ride so far?

Do you have the link for this board?

Will try and start a new thread when I get some board time with the CF, so not to distract this awesome GR thread. Quick early read is pretty positive, rides well so far and really superstealth slim CF deck with all enclosed, 13lbs 36" with grab bar kick tail perfect for NYC. Fallback is nice deck, 10s4p battery with BMS, reasonable hubs, micro remote, dual ESC, ok trucks etc. One link is http://www.bisekcycle.com/index.php?route=product/product&path=8&product_id=116

Moderator, feel free to separate out this thread, not sure I know how to start a new one :grimacing: Lol

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How much did that set you back? I remember seeing these a while ago and wondering if they were any good at all. At first glance, it looks like a decent offering for a no name Chinese board. I’m thinking you could upgrade to Hummie’s or Jacob’s hubs on that thing too, if you find it lacks power.

$763 delivered to my door NYC. And yes, I have JBloy 83mm dual hubs, Chaka vests, and steez remote all spare if need be to upgrade a component. I will crack the deck open and put it through paces this weekend, but honestly looks ok and first swap out might actually be installing the vescs to tune it properly and eliminate a speed cap as hub motors did not heat up much when I took a first spin at 35 kph https://photos.google.com/share/AF1QipPUT6KRph5vmvHddksnaBXKBRyy0UCHyYSCO8MOo5lUCzXr4kttMDxY60ZnDOv4_A?key=RGI1Y2tvOHhzeFB5a1pMWUp4bTVqTWl3ODlmZDln

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Sorry @darkydawson. You are right, I am donestrong text

Lol I love this evolve thread and would never hijack. Have been stalking it for months as I wait for my carbon GT finally next week :grinning: All good!

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10:45pm here in Cali and I just got in the house after riding the GT, it is non-stop fun, mannnnnn after dinner(really late dinner because of the GT, my whole family finished their dinner hours ago haha), I’ll probably go for a ride just around my street. Also, 2nd day of riding and I am in GT mode 100% of the time, I think my electric unicycling experience helped me out a bit.

Okay, so I’m not sure if its just my AT wheels or what, but these things have a little wobble to them once i hit 20mph, its not enough to throw me off my board, but it is there. I played with foot placement and putting my front foot closer to trucks helps a lot. The tip of my front foot is right behind the GT symbol on the front trucks. BUT here is the thing, i threw on my 97mm flywheel clones and all speed wobbles completely disappeared despite crappy foot placement.

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It’s probably because you’re more elevated with AT wheels. Try tightening your trucks for more stability.

I tightened the crap of the trucks just to see it went away, same thing. When I get the chance, i will try to catch it on video, which will be easy since it does it like 90% of the time. I ordered really hard bushings and i hope those help out.

Also, I just bought a GoPro but too lazy to start recording stuff haha. Well…more like the editing and uploading part.

someone asked about carving, it carves really nice but i tend to just go fast and straight 99% of the time.

@magnetvox i wish i was wrong, it is a spot where the clear coat is wearing out, it is a tiny area where i put a lot of weight from my lead foot, i was wearing DC shoes, nothing hard or crazy.


Do your AT wheels spin true if you put it on bench?

Please upload a short video of AT’s spinning if you get a chance. (close up)

Bugger mate

@darkydawson, i would say its like 99% or so true, its not like my 97mm wheels that are pretty much 100% true. I just put the flywheels on, not sure when i’ll put the ATs back on.

@magnetvox yeah i know…it does suck, tomorrow i have a day off and i will be putting 3M clear-bra film on the top portion of the deck, i’ll post a close up picture of the damage. @mr_mahal because you already have the 3m film, put it on before you even test the board for a long period of time to avoid this.

Also, it is like 1am and i just finished riding the GT around the neighborhood, i love the torque the GT mode provides, such a blast.

I don’t know if you mentioned this already, but have you ridden any other E-board? Just trying to get a sense of how the torque/acceleration compares to something like the boosted board.

@Rob.Endless where did you get your clones from???

First eboard @Photorph

I guess Ill have to wait till you get yours cuz I know you know how the boosted is.

@Rob.Endless you’ve never skateboarded and you’re already tearing it up in GT mode? Impressive man. Be careful, 20 something mph may feel slow… But going down at that speed is horrible.