Evolve Skateboards - New Board - GT Carbon!

probably possible, but youd loose some comfort too. also i think the middle bushing seat that connect roadside with boardside kingpin would eventually just break. its already the achilles heel of that truck - ive seen a few of those in pieces! :wink:

think there are a lot of reasonable middle grounds of low speed maneuverability, surfy cruising fun, comfortable damping and sufficient stability for evolves max kph.

my vanguard for example is awesome and surfy at mid to high speeds, very stable at 45kph, but its maneuverability is really bad at low speed when you cant really flex the deck into a strong rocker and artificially increase the truck angle. 50degree calibers with a 42" deck isnt enough at low speeds. my evolve had a smaller turning radius, so thats one of the few food things about of those sidewinders.


Regardimg your clicking noise, check this video at around 10.28

I think it has to do with zealus bearings

@Tarzan I feel I need to weigh in on the truck concern. I’m a fairly noob rider, with so minimal background in skating. Few goes on older evolves, and random boards, and now the GT. I have to say as a novice rider I actually don’t really have any issues. Adjustment wasn’t difficult to find my happy spot, and I comfortably sit pinned in GT. I had heard people having concerns regarding sidewinders so was asking around heaps before buying. (as people have prob seen me asking questions here) one guy from fb page was saying while they share similar design, the angle and geo are potentially different. Also the GT has wider axle than their previous.

Basically at the end of the day, I don’t really have any issues and I’m happy with it. Like everything eboard, saying something is categorically right or wrong isn’t really correct. @Mobutusan you be messing with the entire operation of geo I’d think. Plus as @whitepony stated ride quality issues. And I think noise too.


See what your saying but sorta negates having dual kingpins. Probably Dangerous.

@Mr_Mahal you should put your noseguard on asap, if you have not already. I just cracked my front end in a wipeout and had to install my noseguard post mortem. Its an easy install, just need to drill out the two bolt holes furthest from the tip. Worth getting 1" truck bolts to replace the 3/4" ones as the noseguard adds 1/4" to the height. Will have to match hardware down the road, just used what I had on hand standard 1" flat head Philips screw bolts an resused same nuts,

I have the noseguard too but… I don’t wanna drill my GT LOL. @Mr_Mahal and I have been riding and building leg muscle to attain higher speeds. :3

@caustin are you using 83mm evolve wheels? Cuz AT or 97mm’s pretty much covers the front nose

You don’t drill the GT, just the noseguard so that it matches existing GT holes!!

For those who think their wheels will protect their deck nose, yes if brick wall but no if guard rail, for example. I will post a picture of what a guard rail, or signpost, etc will do to your CF nose at 20+mph, Its not pretty, and no size wheel is going to protect that.

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Good to hear you guys are finding your comfort with the GT trucks, and starting to really skate carve not just ride on top of a deck. Harder but infinitely better, and you will have expert control and awesome stabilizer leg muscle control really quickly.

How’d you manage that? Mine hits the wheels before the nose.

That works, until it doesn’t.


Ouch! My condolences. But again, how did that happen? Did you hit something elevated, or something thin that went between the wheels? I just threw on my 97mm wheels which should provide even more protection. Also, those purple/pink truck screws are a nice touch.

Thin guard rail post between the wheels, was riding 100mm wheels at the time, so even 3mm more protection than your 97mm lol. No matter what wheels you ride, you still have 8"+ between them.

Wow. Feeling your pain.

Ouchhh, damnnn. I purchased two nose guards and I installed them today but took them off because they were loud as hell. I ran out of time to fix the issue. I will fix it Thursday after work.

I just got my GT back Wednesday morning and I have been working on it all day today. I had an area where the clear coat was coming off. I wet sanded the area with 2000 grit and then 3000 grit. Afterwards, I masked off the entire board minus the target area, I sprayed multiple layers of clear coat, of course giving it time to dry. After it fully dried, I wet sanded the area again with 3000 grit to blend the surface because the new clear coated area was a bit higher than the rest of the board. I finished it off with some rubbing compound or whatever it was, buffed the crap of it. The results were really good. Remember this pic? Well this was at its early stage, once it started the clear coat damage spreads fast.

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Also, forgot to mention, after the carbon fiber clear coat repair, I cleaned the board and put the 3M clear bra on. Noticed the clear coat damage was near the front left wheel and now take a look at the pic afterwards, it turned out great. BTW, Evolve sent me a free hat with the board =)

@caustin, you can try to do something similar. If that was my board, I would first make the surface as even as possible, take off all the crap sticking out, fill it with something (not sure with what at the moment, perhaps some black resin or something, wet sand carefully! with high grit to get it smooth and to get the shape of the nose back right. re-clear coat the area and then try to do what I did after. It should turn out great, it will be shaped back to normal and the area with no CF will just be black and hardly noticeable. Also, it will shine like its brand new again.

@mr_mahal working out the air bubbles out of the 3M clear bra is a pain in the a## I still have a few air bubbles, oh well , it will get scratched up eventually anyways.


Nice work Rob.

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Thanks magnetvox. Next plan, some grip tape where my feet go.

Evolve GT Carbon: Circles Upon Circles Upon Circles!

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