Evolve Skateboards - New Board - GT Carbon!

I just don’t see while you are waiting, you just don’t build one…

You can check out these new motors that @chaka is selling…l👀k familiar?

You can do it!

If I started right now how long do you think it would take everything to get here though?

Batteries, VESC, motor, motor mount, deck, wheels, gears, belts, etc… I thought everything was basically shot in terms of stock, at least battery wise which seems to be pretty important

That motor does look cool :hushed:

Few weeks depending

20 wooooooorrrrdddddsssss

Are chaka’s motors meant to be used in a dual set up???

Edit: I guess they are, how wide would the trucks need to be tho…

Cut it !! Lol that will do it

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@chaka all u man


haha, that was going to be my next suggestion haha

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This thread is loosing the plot. Cant any of you guys wait for something and stop whinning about it. Put your order in and get in line otherwise seek an alternative you can use now. Its simple. Where are the modators. It went on a total tangent about if its legal to use electric skateboards. Its not and there is another thread for that topic.

I can once say at least the Aussies have the upperhand.


Guess I will abandon this thread until the 25th, so it should be a lot less cluttered @Dedbny.

In the meantime, I’ll start doing my research and building up my list for my own build…depending on the pre order date / expected delivery for US/Worldwide, I’ll decide if I want to pull the trigger on just ordering all the parts I need…

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Take it to the hoop!

This is my shopping list if you’re interested :slight_smile:


Thank you so much!!! :smiley:

Only potential problems I see are the enclosure and battery. Are there any alternatives to Enertion (besides building a pack)? I know Jason is trying to get these Raptors out / a bunch of other shit and I don’t know when I’d be able to see that battery…or the pro 3 since I see people that ordered in feb still haven’t got it :frowning: that seems to be the only bottleneck.

I’d probably go dual chaka vesc too so if I fuck up I’m not stranded lol

If I wasn’t going to buy the Pro4 I’d make my own, but his enclosure and battery setup costs about $400 for DIY project so I’d rather order from someone who’s been doing this for a while, compared to me who never built a battery pack before. He was back ordered on a bunch of parts but now that they’re flowing in he may be able to get stuff shipped within a month (hopefully).

Yeah I definitely would love to just buy all of the stuff from Enertion but then I’d have a Raptor basically…which I already have on order lol

Idk, I kinda want to go ahead an put in the order for chaka’s motors / VESC but still hesitating due to the battery potentially not coming anytime soon…if it doesn’t ship till end of june or july I might as well pre-order the carbon at that point. Based on how Jason’s schedule is going, he just finished all of february’s raptor orders, so at this pace he should technically be shipping mine in August which isn’t horrible – but definitely would build something in the meantime

Different deck and bushings… Just get a @torqueboards 12s esc

And whatever motors and just have a rat rod of boards and it’s the one you let your friends use when you wanna ride with someone…and since you built it…you know it can keep up… BOOM

His site is so disorganized I’m not sure which is which…do you have a link? lol

I guess I could do a single motor set up with chaka’s motor and get similar torque buy doing the gear ratio thing he mentioned… I would do a different deck too, got a shit ton of bushings. What would you suggest for batteries/enclosures besides Enertion’s? Or should I just get the pro3 and hope it ships

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Bro you can write…Start a build thead of what you are looking to accomplish…hopes…dreams…wishes…

That way we can stop crapping all over this thread before the monitor-nazies start storming this thread lol

Lol yeah I’m lazy but ok…thanks

Just do it that way we can focus and help