Evolve Skateboards - New Board - GT Carbon!

Under Armour Unisex Adaptable Backpack, Electric Blue (428), One Size https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00YSYV8IC/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_Pw9FxbHHTTGWW

I actually just got this backpack the other day too, it folds into a tiny little bag so it’s thin and lightweight if you don’t need much padding or to carry much. On sale right now for $25 with 1 in stock so grab it quick haha

Do you think it will be available in the USA for preorder?

I think they’re announcing specs July 15, preorder everywhere July 17

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Whew, long week… I really need to make a video or something… I’m sitting on so much footage : p

Long story short, my deck snapped back after the first time I thought the epoxy was holding. The main reasons for this I think are :

  1. I was not letting the epoxy cure its full time before testing (I usually let it cure about 50% or so then do slight testing)
  2. I could not get the epoxy deep within the board due to not being able to use a syringe (because of the thickness) and 6 minute time frame that made it difficult to get it in every crack in one go.
  3. I only tested the resistance of the deck with the trucks off the front. The pressure is distributed differently with them off as opposed to being pinned up on something.

So I got another strong epoxy that has a longer working time before setting and comes in a syringe (so no need to mix). Gonna test this out tonight and see the results tomorrow morning. Still worried about how safe it would be to ride this because of the potential sharp jarring vibrations coming from the road that could crack the epoxy. Will hope for the best…lol

Not sure if I would ride that, vibrations from riding are pretty brutal. Won’t evolve replace it or something like that?

Yeah they are currently getting a new one shipped out to Cali. But because the GT is still so new and they’re still trying to get them out the door it might take a while. This is so I can at least cruise around on the smooth bike paths I have for long distances… Probably nothing road related.

Got a d+ for $700 for my basic commuting which was money well spent…it may be a slow short ride but it’s way better than no ride lol

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You made $300 for free?? I think you sold a dual plus for around a 1000 and then bought it again for 700? lol

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Ebay fees cut me back a bit but yeah I basically sold for 1k. This one is in pretty good condition, about 500 miles on it, just discovered there’s a slightly loose motor mount that I can probably fix myself. It’s not hitting the ground but it might take a hit and get completely loose at some point…

Not interested in selling this thing again, even though I could make another $300 lol It has no issues, it just works and is predictable…I need that for basic commuting. I liked my GT for having fun though.

Starting to consider selling to get a Bamboo GT once I get this deck replaced…I thought I could handle a stiff deck but tbh I really did miss the flex of the boosted…I think the Bamboo GT would solve all the gripes I have with the carbon

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Also, if that car tried to run over my bamboo GT like it did with my carbon it would fail I think :stuck_out_tongue: The drop down deck of the carbon and super carve trucks makes it super easy to snap under a lot of pressure. Don’t think it would’ve snapped like it did if it wasn’t a drop down and had a RKP truck.

Bamboo GT is looking like a really attractive alternative the more I think about it. Might start looking for a buyer soon…

Lol im considering to the bamboo GT !! Me too I can’t stop thinking about it !! i send my carbon gt already for repair!! And I still in there 7 days money back guarantee!! I think I’m going to preorder the bamboo instead i’m only waiting for the full spec of the board !!

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This morning, I rode about 25km on 97mm Abecs along my local bike path. GT mode all the way.

Carving at high speeds! Gotta say I like the versatility of dkpt. Too cold to surf but surfs always up!!

has anyone pulled the battery out to see what cells they are using ?

It is a lipo isn’t it?

li-ion for 1000th time…360wh

sorry 1800 replies - didn’t have time to read them all. cell type ? Ugly ? Don’t know about that - it rides brilliantly.

@jrpwit if you could PM him that’d be great…just don’t want to go too off topic, thanks

This was uncalled for, there is no need for any personal attacks. You’re making all GT owners look bad with your actions. @Mr_Mahal or @onloop , are you guys really ok with this shit show going off in this thread?

I apologize for not taking action on it. People tend to just bash it out on here (the forum in general) and I misjudged the appropriateness of his response. I moved the entire convo to the GT vs DIY thread. I will delete that response as it did not add anything constructive to the discussion.

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