Evolve Skateboards - New Board - GT Carbon!

Agree. My apologies. Got frustrated with the childish commentary and self promotion, but still 100% my bad. Sorry @Photorph.



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Has anyone made more videos like this? I think its just an app. The speedometer would be great to show how well the Raptor does too.

There’s this, have shared it ages ago

Hey guys, just a heads up, please use this thread for discussing the Bamboo GT that just officially announced with full specs:

360wh That’s it ?.. Is’nt it a 10s6p ?

36V 10Ah I believe, 5p

I think it’s 4p

50 km with 360wh ??

Has anyone confirmed the max range with street wheels?

maybe their esc has some secret sauce

My original theory is that the ESC is just super efficient. I haven’t confirmed max range with street wheels and I’m now using the 97’s so I might not be the best person to test, especially in the hilly area of San Francisco. I can say, however, that I’m getting at least 20 miles of range (theoretically). Though the furthest I’ve rode is about 14 miles ending at about 50% on 83’s. They state in their manual that the battery drops very fast after 40%.

Yeah I live in a hilly area as well, before hitting a big hill after this long ride I had with a buddy I was at around 20-30% I think (not exactly sure, so might have been less) and then I went up this long hill blasting GT mode all the way and the battery died (drained to 0%) about 80% up. Felt great while it lasted though lol

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The long awaited video…will be following up on this explaining it a bit


Drivers need to share the road. What happened after that?

What did the driver say or do?

Said she thought I was going to stay in the right lane, I just kind of said whatever and went to the sidewalk to check out the damage…

Damn man thanks for sharing. Sucks about the board but happy that you didn’t get hurt, it could have been a lot worse. Maybe it’s the New Yorker in me but I ride as if everyone is trying to hit me or cut me off ie: ultra defensive which is a little intense but it works for me. Now that I’m in Michigan I encounter a lot of drivers who are simply unaware which is a lot more dangerous than driving defensively in my opinion. It’s why I actually feel safer driving in Manhattan than anywhere else. Stay safe out there!

Mate, glad you got away with no injury. While you did stray out a little, she was behind you and had the full vision, and therefore had responsibility to give way (IMO). Thanks for sharing, I know you didn’t want to.

Close call dude. Really close. Could have been a lot worse in a matter of seconds. Glad all good

Thank you for sharing. This is a good lesson for all of us esk8ers.

Very unfortunate what happened to the GT after eagerly waiting for it to arrive…

Are you sure she doesn’t work for Enertion!!! Lol joke !!! Happy you’re safe