Evolve truck motor mount options compatible with 5055 diyeboard motors?

Looking for a motor plate that will fit 5055 diyeboard motors on evolve gt trucks, any suggestions? I’m doing a custom build with diyeboard parts and I plan to fit avenue suspension baseplates on my build. Heard somewhere on this forum evolve trucks will fit into those baseplates so that’s the reason I’m looking for a mount like that.

why don’t you use original evolve motor mounts?

are you sure you want to use double kingpin trucks with suspension baseplate? I guess this setup will be really unstable on anything higher than 40 kmh

The original mounts sort of work but only 2 screw could be used to hold the motor as the other 2 holes are blocked. I’m gonna leave out one of the kingpins and use the strut only - as a single kingpin truck so stability should be fine.