Evolve trucks and AT wheels



New Evolve trucks with new Evolve AT wheels €250.



What gen super carve are those and are they the GT or GTX badge?

Latest generation, no badge.

1.7v per cell - that’s well below normal range.

i tried reviving cells like this - below 2v, but takes a charge. took IR reading, seemed normal. so stuck it into a pack, mixed with fresh cells, and after a few charges it drained WAY faster than fresh cells.

not saying that’s what’ll happen here, and it’s a built pack already - but it’s clear internal chemistry gets all messed up the moment it goes below 2.5v.


Yeah) I 100% agree with you. They will loose a lot of capacity. But these are I would say the highest quality cells on the market, and if charged properly, I think they could totally be usable.

I mean, if you have the tools to charge these, you could have a really nice hub board up and running for under €500 total.


Huh? Pictures?

Offers are welcome! :grin:

Hi, i’m interested in the first pack (vtc + enclosure+vesc…) Can you share me a BMS datasheet please? You are in switzerland, is it possible to send them from germany, france or italy? Thank you

Hey) I might be able to drive to Germany next week and send it from there, but not for sure. You can find all the details of the BMS here.

Ok thank’s for your infos. Batteries are welded together with or soldered? I can’t find any dimensions infos about the enclosure. Tell me if/when the price will go lower.

we dont solder batteries around here (we do but we dont condone it…)

trucks without wheels shipped to netherlands what wil that cost? or are they sold?