Evolve Trucks and deck strength

I recently started a build with evolve trucks and Unik motor mounts and now that I have them mounted on my Arbor deck I notice there is much much more flex in the nose and the tail of the board.

This deck did not flex like that with caliber 2 trucks I am thinking maybe the Caliber trucks have the weight of the deck right over the axle and the evolve trucks are off set due to the double king pin.

I’m not used to that type of flex, I don’t have too much confidence in the strength of this deck. Do you guys think I’ll be okay should I just putter around to get a better feel for this deck with the trucks?

My deck for reference. dropcruiser_ac_2017


My actual deck lol

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Your likely feeling the double hung pin. Put some barrels and cupped washers in there to reduce it.


Yeah I agree, you’re probably feeling the four sets of bushings instead of two.

Also one thing about the double kingpin trucks that’s always fascinated me is that the “boardside” bushings – or the bushings under compression – are on opposite sides of the hanger. So the bottom hanger has them on the top of it and the top hanger has them on the bottom of it. And the “roadside” – or the bushings under tension – are on the bottom of the bottom hanger and top of the top hanger.

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