Evolve Trucks - Show your Bushing Setups!

Lots of people running Evolve trucks on various decks… Saw a few scattered threads with bushing recommendations.

What types is everyone running and on what style deck? Why? Carving vs stability at speed?


I tried 100 bucks worth of bushing and never could get the slop out, so I’m interested if anyone has a good solution.

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20180823_052357 Im using this drop deck from skateshred with riptide cracked ice indy pivot cups, riptide aps barrels boardside (various duros), riptide krank shortbarrels (various duros), and precision insert washers roadside & cupped washers boardside. The duros go from hardest (97/95) to softest (90/88) boardside to roadside. Not perfect but comfortable up to 28mph


Did those pivot cups make a huge difference?

Are your new setup softer or more firm than the stock evolve?

When I’m done building I’ll ride the stock bushing setup and then see what I can change.