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Evolve upgrade by mistake lol

Hey Guys. I ordered the emtb enclosure for my custom BMB deck from Alan Chau. (The cambered one I made) And he sent me a flat enclosure instead for 170.00. Hasn’t answered a single email about the mix up. Its crazy down there right now!. Who knows?. So I decided to use this enclosure to finally fix up the old gtx bamboo gen3. super nicely made enclosure! but its the wrong one completely and Ive been ignored about it and my 170.00!!! so I wouldn’t recommend him at the moment till world cools down! 30qs, standard. Some 45a BMS from ebay. I have taken the banana plugs off the focbox and used the original evolve m60 connectors. Gonna epoxy threaded insterts into the enclosure. Also shrink wrap battery and cushion in with neoprene fabric and glue. Enclosures nicely made!! Bummer shits crazy down there and the mix up. Im gonna order again though!!. For sure. Hopefully hes ok down in Lima!. If anyone has an hs11 hit me up please. I have multiple cambered decks. Tried my own 4 times now and they work but look like butt. :laughing:. Alans are sweet!. Update. So I havent heard from email yet. I called peru and got an answering machine. But I can’t speak Spanish!!! Gotta find a translator. Lol. Ill update progress as the build finishes. 20200706_152829|375x500

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