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IMG_0741 IMG_0914 20190309_050724


What’s the dimension of the dual focbox heatsink?



Do the motor guard/bumpers fit 63mm motors or just stock?

The bumpers only fit the stock mounts

Evolve 3D printed riser for GTX Bamboo Boards Battery upgrade 18mm kit is four (4) pieces, right?

yes, it is the best so far and matches the enclosure well and has thickened walls for the added weight

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‘Bamboo Boards’ means is all across the Series, no? That means it also works on the ONE either? Evolve Bamboos share the same enclosure as far as I know. Your 3D printed riser follows suit, right?

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20190309_013135 20190309_013020 20190309_012819

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correct, depending on the age of the enclosure, so far it has fit even the oldest we have seen

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Not to worry. Is the latest. You can even smell it came out of the oven :yum:



So, with 18mm more riser space what would be the largest battery you can stretch across, from one end to the other, if I also put a riser over the heat sink square opening to rise (put down) VESCs and BMS? I also got @thisguyhere heat sink for Focboxes, so for those too, how tall that riser should be?


ok, in order to do that and completely clear the focboxes your additional riser would need to be 22mm or 7/8 of an inch

the heatsink is 5mm thick or 3/16

the fockbox PCB resistors (wire room) is 17mm or 11/16


So 18mm Enclosure riser and then additional 22mm for the second Heat Sink riser. You say that will be enough for installing the longest 18650 cell battery system possible inside the Enclosure? and will acomodate Focboxes and cabling inside the Heat Sink raiser space provided below?

Depending on your bms (stock evolve bms will limit your parallel number to 5) and how you manage the phase and sensor wires and how you use the 1 1/2 space provided. I think you can get the biggest battery to date. 12s7p or 10s8p or bigger

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Corey, PM sent. :computer:

How much for the 66t wheel drive ? I need some for my mbs rockstar

for the money you would spend on the 66t $80 nylon gears you can get some sweet aluminum 72T gears for like $40 more



but, to answer your question on the nylon set, i believe with the sale its like 50$