Evovle- Battery upgrade

Hello, everyone. found company can offer battery upgrade to replace the original batteries. they offer 12AH, 14AH models based on 18650 high drain cells. here is the link: http://e-greenmotion.com/index.php?route=product/product&path=111_129&product_id=292

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looks like they found the BMS.


I wonder what cells are cobranded like that: high drain 18650 Samsung / LG cells / Sony/ Panasonic

high drain cells


25 amp continous

@longhairedboy Unless they don’t know that you need to use the BMS it comes with.

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i smell something fishy.

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It will work. In ECO mode! mwuh huh huh huh

Maybe that’s why 25 amp continous

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i know for sure they made many packs already and it work very well. no issues at all, they also use the original genuine bms from evolve.

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Then you should show photos of the BMS, and maybe say that on your site. Instead of leaving folks to guess.

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25A sounds too low, and 50A burst sounds too low also considering the stock one is 60A.

I’m with @longhairedboy I smell something decidedly nautical…

No mention of any board modification required to actually fit the batteries in your board! Lol. That’d be a bit of a shock!

I find it hard to believe that they’re using the exact same BMS that evolve use, considering how protective evolve are about their innards. They might have connections with the factory that supply evolve though…

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I saw this on ebay. 80amp continuous 10s4p https://www.ebay.com/itm/152774438238

might be 25Rs or something in there.

yes they are 25rs