Experiences with Max?(evolve fake or good product?)

I just came across the following product: https://www.maxskate.com/products/x1?variant=496485892122 To me it looked like an evolve fake but the price made me wonder if this board is actually good. Anyone had any experience with this jet?

hahaha, that’s an exact clone, jeezz… Never heard of them so curious what others have to say…

But if I’m right the weight is slightly different but propably just cheaper components…

idk, but I’m personally thought the acceleration was too weak on the evolve cgt, so I’d look elsewhere anyways. But of your looking for a deal, might not be that bad.

But for the price, why wouldn’t you just buy a raptor?

Dunno I’m on building my own carbon deck anyway I would neeeveer buy a prebuild esk8. I think that the buildinh process is as fun as riding!


Personally, I don’t like carbon fiber for 2 reasons. It’s itchy as hell to work with, and it cracks when your board hits the curb for example.

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Cheaper components? Haha how?

my hi5ber CF board is still going strong a year later :smiley:

You do take good care of it. Plus If I remember correctly, you have a nose guard.

sure do, but i actually got the aluminum eaten through pretty fast by the roads, there’s essentially no nose guard since I always rest on the nose.

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My exact thoughts… The only advantage I see, is that it comes with 83mm wheels and a set of the All Terrain wheels. BUT no reviews, no testing, no comparisons and what about parts. I’m not willing to gamble $1250 on a possible lemon on any part that can go wrong. At least, I know Enertion has a great back end service, plus reviews.

I ordered one in France. It should arrive in the next days. A full review will also come !

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What are are the communities thoughts on meepo ?

I like mine for a friends (extra) board. Cheap deck swap was necessary. I also added a real Paris front truck and new wheels, bushings, bearings, etc

The community is happy with them overall. Haven’t seen large scale problems or people complaining (maybe because its so cheap, it’s hard to complain if it breaks).

I can tell you having finally ridden a meepo that the acceleration is very weak compared to hummies hubs. I believe it’s about 1/4th of the acceleration of a hummie 2wd hub motor board, and 1/8th of what I’m used to on my 4wd hummie hubs board.

If you need something cheap, it seems to be a good option.

I’m looking though to come up with a budget high quality board though that will hopefully be able to compete, at least a little, with it. This will use a 12s2p 30q pack, focbox, and single hummie hub motor, with a hollow core cruiser deck. I’m hoping to hit a price point of around $450-$500 with this, still more than a meepo, but far better quality.

I’d love to test out one of these budget set ups.