Experiences with the GT2E AFHDS radio?

Hobbyking doesn’t seem to stock the GT2B’s anymore but these seem to look similar, just bought one following the failure of the similarly-priced el-cheapo quanum pistol radio… Wondering if anyone has used these before? no reason for these not to work but I am wondering about its reliability

link: https://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/uh_viewitem.asp?idproduct=61777

It is a newer revision of the GT2B. Thus it should be somehow better but i dont know what is exactly better…

But i used a Quanum at first and since then the GT2E. I never ever had a problem with the GT2E and would recommend it to everyone.

One thing to consider: There are more mods for the GT2B than GT2E because of the different platine sizes… Nevertheless you can buy a GT2B from amazon or ebay cheap too.


Hmmm yeah I would have gotten the GT2B if it weren’t for the long shipping times here to AUS, however 20 bucks for the GT2E is quite the steal if it is as reliable. Modding the package should be a fun project.

Go with the GT2E and make some custom mods :wink: That way you can support the community! :wink:

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I have a GT2E, its not as reliable as the GT2B. Also, the failsafe on the GT2E kicks in after 5 seconds instead of 1 second for the GT2B. So if you have a disconnect while pressing the throttle, you’ll keep going 5 times longer than with the GT2B. This is what made me bail when i had my nasty fall, i thought i was just gonna keep going forever. Also, very sketchy if you’re close to a corner, 5 seconds is a LONG time.

I just got mine and, it doesn’t work. It doesn’t connect to the transmitter. I’ve seen that it’s quite common with the GT2E, I going out tomorrow to buy a different controller.