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Expert tips for beginners VIDEO

I tried to think back to when I was beginning to build electric skateboards, what were all the questions I had?.. I started writing notes, but decided I would make a video instead and pack it with lots of info to help out anyone looking to gain more knowledge about building eboards. Hope someone finds this useful.


Im into electric skateboard for almost a year now and its getting more and more complex. I’ve learned so much from videos and forums. My biggest problem is I’ve no experince in electronics and I’m far away building my own electric skateboard or make huge modifications to my existing ones, but you make great videos getting me closer to that.

I made this spreadsheet a few months ago to gather all information of the electric skateboard market and I’m updating it every week, getting more into detail about every part, the motor power, the battery, everything that can matter to inform people about this new market and false advertisment specs and stupid companies just trying to make money rather than building good e-boards.

Link to Spreadsheet


Could you export this to a google spreadsheet and make it public please ?
Would make reading it alot easier then on this small screen…

I would add the complete Scarlet board built by @longhairedboy shown here

Don’t know much about it but I’m getting info! After I do my comparison video of boosted vs raptor dual vs inboard, I think I’ll take my least favorite of those and sell it to replace it with a Scarlet possibly. The boosted dual plus is so easy to sell, so I’m hoping that’s my least favorite… but I’ll have to try the raptor and inboard to find out.

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It’s already a public spreadsheet. (I posted the link and this forum automatically embedded it)
I added the link in my previous post.
Everyone can read it, its not writeable to public but it should be possible to add notes if you have a google account (but I haven’t testet it.)

I’m pretty sure you’re going to prefer the Raptor over all of those, so when you finally end up dumping the Boosted because you can’t even get to the 7-11 with it on a full charge and end up with both a Raptor and a Scarlet, your whole perspective of what you should be expecting performance wise will change, especially in the speed and range department. Beyond that, you’ll get a real taste of our culture.

I believe one user told the rest of us here one day that not everyone is trying to build an over powered rocket stick. While technically true, its not an accurate reflection of our over-all culture of over engineering and pushing performance envelopes. Most of us are in fact producing grossly over powered rocket sticks and I think you’ll find that reflected in both the Raptors and the Scarlets as well as anyone else’s prototypes here i would think. 90% of the builds on this forum would just smoke a commercial option due to the fact that we are a bunch of unregulated hackers who absolutely love this shit.


Thats alot of eboards. Great list. Also maybe when the board was released and add any subsquent updates. Maybe a little hard to get that info though. Maybe the suppliers can help there.

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