Exploding Lipo Batteries is no Joke

Hi Guys,

I’m new here in this forums and been lurking for a month now (haven’t built my first esk8 yet) .

I would just like to share a screenshot of something I saw from the RC forum I normally go to.

Seems like the battery exploded and burned the house / room down.

I myself has been using LiPo batteries since 2009, When they are still fairly new in the RC hobby. And I didn’t know that a fire caused by LiPo batteries can cause something this bad.

I just wanted to share this to you guys to prevent what could happen if LiPo batteries are handled poorly. Specially the ones we use are many times bigger than the ones used in RC airplanes.

I hope we are all enlightened on what could possibly happen, and handle/dispose our batteries properly

more info here: http://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showthread.php?t=2738782

ps: I’m apologize in advance. if this topic is against the rules of the forum.


Yea they can be dangerous if not treated with the right care and cheating out on a charger or bms is not a good thing. I also run lipo on my board 3x2s in series for a 6s but thing hey are put into a lipo bag then into a hard case enclosure so protected from and stones. The lipo bag would also help if there was anything to go wrong while charging.

. And all fit in this with loads of room left one charging port and one discharge but all wrapped in the lipo bag and for £5 that is cost me it’s worth the extra layer.


This is so sad. Makes me want to replace my Lipos with Li-ion / LiFePO4. Thanks for sharing.

@2-alex-2 I like the looks of the green CF vinyl. What material is the rectangle enclosure made from? Thanks.

nice. that’s a nice bulletproof setup right there. Lipo Bag then enclosure is surely the way to go when handling lipos.

honestly the only beneficial thing about lipos is size and price. Safety is unfortunately a lot harder to achieve with packs that have the potential to get unstable like this

As far as i know li-ion is not safer than lipo. LiFe is pretty idiot / crash / damage safe yes … and the price is not much more than LiPo … but the packs are bigger and the voltage a bit lower :frowning:

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Enclosure was just a plastic one I brought from a store called maplins here in the uk not sure what plastic type it is just brought it as was perfect size.

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One of the reasons I will never buy lipos anymore. I switched to lion a few months ago and will never look back. I need to get rid of the lipos I do have…

I have been racing Rc car with lipo for years and like I said in my first post further up if you get a decent charger to manage them correct they are perfectly fine. Also make sure your esc or vesc has low voltage cutoff set correctly you will be just as safe as li-ion.

Li-ion is fairly broad but the chemistry we’re most familiar with on the forum that’s packaged in 18650 cells are safer than prismatic lipo pouches for a few reasons, not to say they’re idiot proof but with the right pack design you can make them quite safe.

The 18650 package is inherently more durable than the thin aluminum foil that packages lipos. Also the “polymer” in lipos is significantly less stable, not the same as a plastic explosives but the polymer is not all that different.


One can not repeat how important it is to handle with those batteries with care and attention.

Today i wanted to parallel charge my 2x5S lipos and did that (almost daily) routine in the wrong order. I connected my two balancer connectors to my parallel adaptor before disconnecting the adaptor which puts my two lipos in series.

Result was a horrible short with a huge spark that grilled two balancer wires in less then two seconds. :tired_face:

Luckily every cell of my lipos seems to be ok since they did not swell yet and still have all the same voltage without any drift.

My next door neighbor HAD a bad ass looking RC F-16 jet with a jet engine. $11,000.00 USA. He took it to his friend’s house to work on it, left it there to finish another day. His friend left some batteries charging in the garage and came home and half of his house was gone due to a fire. My neighbor’s F-16… GONE!