Exploding SPACE CELL charger

I just got the space cell and when i started to charge it crazy shit started to happen. First it started to make noise and then it made sparks fly all over the place and it burned two fuses

Such as? Pics and evidence?

Don’t be a tease show us the magic.


@ArniJoronen show us, maybe there’s an explanation we can derive. Also, could you explain further what you mean by “crazy shit?”

oh damn! yes, please post pics. @onloop is going to want them anyway for any kind of warrenty claim, so you may as well share your experience with the group so we can all enjoy the fun.

when you say crazy shit do you mean it sounded like satan ripping a nasty fart?


it probably actually was satan. We all know what happened on Phobos when the UAC tried to experiment with teleportation. If Shenzen is doing weird shit in those cells, it could have opened a portal… to HELL.

It souded like a puff i have the video in YouTube in private. How can i post url s


@ArniJoronen Oh that is some crazy shit! @onloop will help you out!

Oh that crazy shit !

give it a minute bobs just fighting megabyte.

This is the faster charger right? (The one you pay extra for)

I dont know i bought the extra charger but dont get it. Is it suppose to come with two???

no the space cell doesn’t come with a charger but if you buy the space cell and fast charger at the same time you get the fast charger cheaper.

also just going of my knowledge of PS ima say you have a massive short in the transformer block.

What voltage is your wall outlet? What voltage did you select on the charger (red switch)?

Unfortunately I think you have them set wrong. That charger is now toast.

guarantee that’s the issue…

probably set it at 110v and plugged it into a 220v outlet or vice versa.

Tried both and still Boom

I have 220 and had the same on the charger. It still went and when the first time I tried it also went boom

the question is, which did you try first? 220v or 110v?