What do you mean?

I only see built versions for Windows and mac but no ESC Tool. I can’t run either of those

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So what do you need?

Ubuntu, or the source and I can build it. I’d like to check out your mods but never have been able to. It’s not worth using a virtual machine when I can just use the Vedder versions.

What is the github/bitbucket link?

Source is available on Github.

Source Code


Linux build is available for the Ackmaniac version

edit: newer one below

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Do i have to downgrade or how?

I was able to fix that without a programmer, but do not run any motor until you upload the correct firmware. I also accidentally picked 48 once. I don’t remember how I fixed it, with one of the tools I was able to load the 412 firmware.

You have to completely flash the VESC: New Bootloader and then software.

Search for „St-Link bootloader“

Edit: http://www.electric-skateboard.builders/t/vesc-installing-a-bootloader/752

What I’m saying is I accidentally installed 48 firmware on a FOCBOX and succesfully got 412 firmware flashed onto it without using a programmer or uploading a new bootloader. Unfortunately I don’t remember which tool I used; it was a linux build of one of them, and not this one above.

Interesting… I also flashed my vescs with the wrong HW-Fw but didnt manage to resolve it without using a st-link. Would be nice if you remember how, specially for those who dont have a programmer.

I can upload a new bootloader, but “…it will destroy bootloader and firmware…updates cannot be done anymore…”

Do or not do?? What does it mean? Can i destroy it and then install the right firmware??

Anybody knows the answer ? Thanks

FOC or bldc?

What’s your min rpm before applying full brake set at?

FOC on motors without sensor. I have not touch those settings, because i don`t think that the original vesc-tool allows me to change that settings ? What i´m saying is, that i run the settings pretty much stock, besides the motor/battery min/max thing. Do you think that i would get rid of that crappy function, if i flash the ackmaniac fw instead ? Thanks…

I said no to that question and did not upload a new bootloader

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hi, ive got problem with throttle on about 26% motor work on full power, how to change that 50% of throttle = 50% of motor duty etc.? the same is with reverse;/

Is this on the bench, or when riding ?

What is on the “Throttle Curve” tab?

I know a lot of people want that but it doesn’t really make sense. If you expect the motor to turn with 50% speed when at 50% throttle then how much % torque should the motor give when the motor is actually at 10% speed.