@Ackmaniac do you own a focbox for tying it out ?

cause im still a bit worried about destroying my new focboxes here, still it seems really amazing what you did here again, thanks

Tested it with FOCBOX, 4.12 HW, 6355 Motor, 6374 Motor, 28 Pole Hub Motor, NRF remote, PPM remote and Nunchuk. I don’t have a VESC 6 but i am confident that it works with it as well.

@Ackmaniac is this for the new vesc 3.2X firmware? I’m curious as I’ve already been running FOC on the FocBox for several hundred miles on the 2.54 release?

Eeeey!! Awesome to see this implementation of the timout behaviour. I remembered that we talked about this briefly in a post one time. After that I actually implemented it myself with arduino and it’s a really nice bone saving feature! Your version will save others bones as well :smiley:

Tried it with my FOCBOX. Motor Setup and FOC mode worked out fine. However the PPM Setup wouldnt work out :confused: It sets the limit right but whenever it goes into neutral(center) position the motor goes on full duty. Any ideas ?

Ill give it a try on some VESC 6’s later today and report back.


Just set the min, center and max pulse width right. Then it will work. Otherwise just post screenshots of your settings.

Is there a certain erpm and amps we should set for 190kv 6355 motor for motor detection?

The pulse width gets set correctly just like in your bldc tool. But even after applying the right values and it shows it as center. If I pull the trigger/Brake all the way it stops but if it goes near the center it start spinning up.

Up again can you please attach the source files to your drop box? I can’t run your firmware without them.

Please show a screenshot while the trigger is in center position.

I just realized that my inquiry was dumb since you did include the Ackmaniac-ESC TOOL sources in the ZIP. Sorry for the bother and insistance but allow me to be more accurate :

Can you please upload a ZIP with the uncompiled sources of your modded FW / the raw file directory of your modded bldc-master ?

I’m redundant but I got different assigned GPIOs on my VESCs (and also 0.0005ohms resistors) and need to make mods in few files then compile myself any upcoming FW. Currently I’ve made variants of original 3.28, 3.29 and a variant of 2.54 based on your older bldc-master directory.

@The_Dude was so nice to compile it for OSX. You can find it in the Dropbox link.


Youre like the Benjamin of vesc tools lol

What´s the difference between your “old” 2.54 BLDC version and your new ESC tool version?

It is based on 3.xx FW versions instead of older 2.16 modded.

It benefits from Vedder’s new FOC algorithm too and adds Ackmaniac’s control feature and Bluetooth compatibility.

What are the benefits of the new algorithm in comparison to the old one?

Better power management, which means a better overall torque/power, a better control, more reliability due to this and less fried DRVs issues (less spikes, better motor sync I think). You manage also more range.

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Maybe a stupid question (or maybe I misunderstood something) , but why did you fork the 3.x VESC FW ? It wasn’t possible to contribute directly in the VESC projet ? I saw others guys in this forum having pull request accepted in the VESC Project. Better to work all together, no ?

You are doing a great job and you do have very good ideas, but this fork you’ll make the support of this FW version harder for mobile application like “eskate VESC for iOS”.

That’s pretty inaccurate.

You see vedder hasn’t always merged ack’s PRs. But ack has always pulled in the bug fixes to his builds… Acks firmware has always been a little more “complete” and geared toward esk8. Vedder is covering all forms of use cases with the vesc tool.

As well regarding supported iOS/android apps…lol you realize you still need Bluetooth and no one ever changes the UART telemetry right?