Extending turnigy sk8 sensor cables

Anyone know where I can buy a cable to extend this please. Would rather not solder as well.



Just buy a male/female 6pin 2mm jst adapter cable

Okay cheers, do you have a link? Will it keep the same cable layout?

No I don’t have a link but i‘m sure you will find what you need on eBay. If the wires are connected one by one all is good. Optional you can crimp your own plugs. Just buy the 6pin jst2mm as mal and female and some crimp contacts and wires. But with it you will need to solder the wires to the male part. If you don’t find a male/female adapter you can just buy the male part with wires on and the female plug you can get with crimp contacts and crimp it by your own

His sensor cables seems long enough. I think he means phase wires and mistakenly calling them sensor wires.


Nope I do mean sensor wires, got some extension cables for the phase wires on order already.

Using an enclosure in the centre of the board and the focbox unity will be housed there

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You can get this https://www.ebay.com/itm/300MM-Wire-Cable-Micro-6-Pin-JST-2-0-PH-Male-Female-Connector-Plug/232841173294?hash=item36366a592e:m:mCP9PCvNu2GvLAKXy7u1dWA But you need to solder on the male part. I think if you search a bit more you can find them with the male part already installed


Amazing thanks dude

Wait a second, are those 2mm jst or the 1,5mm jst which coming from the motor? If they fit in the unity like they are than the option I linked would work. If they too small this here would work

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Ah amazing, will double check later on.


trampa stocks them

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Oh hey, look who started making these :point_up_2:


You are a man on a mission today aren’t you :grinning::joy: