Extra axle space on Torqueboard 218mm trucks

The Torqueboard 218mm trucks have almost 1.5" of smooth space on the axle. The distance the wheels need (i.e., space between outside surfaces of the wheel bearings) is 1". Why the extra space on the axles? Obviously, I’d either need to whip out a die and put some more threads on the axle or put a spacer on there. What’s the deal?

Thanks, Jay

Allows people mount bigger motors without running outta space.


So you mean you’d put a spacer on the axle on the inside of the wheel to move the wheels out farther?

Just out of curiosity, if one doesn’t need more space (I don’t know if I will or not), do people generally just put spacers on the outside and have axles that stick out a little bit?

Yeah that’s exactly what it is, i use a combo of 4 washers and 1 spacer. If you don’t need the space still oh the washer and spacer.


Great. Thanks!


Also, there are some pulleys that have an integrated bearing (they are the best pulleys in my opinion) and they require extra space on the axle!

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Very interesting! Thanks!