Extra Unused Winning Remote, Motor & Wheel Pulleys

Just have a few extra parts. Cost is $10 per motor pulley, $10 per wheel pulley and $5 for shipping. I can throw in extra 12mmx330 and 12mmx305mm belts for free too.

IMG_0140 Winning Remote (Tested and working but never used in a build) IMG_0141 16T Motor Pulley and 37T Wheel Pulley in Picture IMG_0139 14T Motor Pulley and 42T Wheel Pulley in Picture

you have two 14t motor pulleys?

sorry only 1

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How much for the remote shipped in the US?

$15 10chars

I’ll take it

cool! My paypal is [email protected]. I will have it shipped in a couple hours if you paypal me now. Make sure to use friends & family.

Payment sent

Its against forum policy to use Friends and Family for payment of goods sold here. Please don’t do that in the future. You are welcome to have the purchaser add the 3% that PayPal charges to make up the difference.

Good to know… Funny though because I don’t think I have ever purchased anything on this forum except through F&F.

I will keep this in mind in the future.

Horrible idea. But to each there own.

Horrible idea not to use F&F? Not if you know you can trust the person. Pretty easy to see who you can trust among the many well known and respected vendors and builders on the forum.

You don’t have to like it. The policy exists to protect people. There have been multiple incidents where someone seemed trust worthy and turned to not be. One recently.