Extra Washer to Remove Clicking Sound?

Ok so I’ve noticed that some of my wheels are getting loose around the bearings. With both bearings and spacer inserted you can push the bearings in and out a little if you are pushing in from both sides of the wheel. This movement creates a clicking sound that can be heard when I carve. I swapped a front wheel that doesn’t move with the back and the sound went away.

I was thinking that maybe if I put a washer inside with the spacer that this would stop the bearings from moving. Does anyone know if this is a bad idea?

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I have never herd of this problem before, what type of wheels you rolling with? and can you show a picture of what you mean?

Maybe you could try putting more spacers on the axle wedging the bearings in the wheel by tightening the nut down harder?

I think you’d have to go the other way around, making the spacer narrower so the bearings hug the core more tightly.

It depends, if the nut is tight, does the spacer rattle? Or does the wheel move while the bearings/spacer remain tight?

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he might mean that the spacers is to small in the bearings and it needs and extra 1mm to make it fit snug

Yeah, hard to tell from the description. Could be too loose, or too tight.

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The washer looks like it fits right but maybe because Im using bones red bearings with built in washers its causing the problem. Maybe i need shorter spacer with these bearings. I would attach video but the site wont allow the file type on my android.

Abec 107s.

I tried adding a washer next to spacer between the bearings and it got worse. However, i put in two bearings that dont have built in washers and it didnt fix it. Since i switched front wheel to back its not a problem but i assume back wheel will eventually start clicking too. I had same issue with my AT tires so idk.