Extremely noob question regarding bearings


Apologies if this has been asked previously, but what is the purpose of a spacer when adding bearings to one’s wheel?

Is it merely because the inside of the wheel is broader than a bearing, and the spacer “connects” the two bearings on either side of the wheel together?

Sorry for the obviousness of question, but i see a lot of annoyed responses to noob questions. Any help is appreciated


Bearings are designed to take force radial to the axle. The spacer keeps the wheel nut from exerting axial force on the bearing assembly.


In plainer terms, it stops the bearing from being spueezed too hard and not wanting to spin like it was born to do.


also use washers because if you dont, if you crank the nut down to hard you will damage the bearing shield and mabye the balls inside the bearing

^which then causes a whole seperate issue

normal skaters dont usually care about spacers and washers but there super inportant in esk8

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Thank you all for the response! If you have any link, or graphic to illustrate how this is usually done… please share

Appreciated :ok_hand:t4:

watch from 7:25 in this video to learn about washers and spacers

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This is EXTREMELY helpful

Thank you so much

Get some bearings with built in spacers you never have to mess around with spacers or speed rings.

Zealous has a good price and quality.

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