Extremely steep hills

how much current,max current,voltage need and motor watts to climb very steep hills average weight 70kg/155lbs at least speed of 20kmh/12mph

*30 degrees

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Most inconclusive post ever.

Whats a steep hill? 90 degrees? Forget about the motor, whats your gearing?

Work on that first post a Little more.

60 degrees?

I have a strong feeling that you won’t able to climb those kinds of slopes simply because limits of traction. I’d say you’re looking at 4WD in the least. 60 degrees is insane!

I don’t think there is even a paved road that is that steep in the world. And the traction limit is especially relevant for off-road.

This is the steepest residential street in the world and it’s 19 degrees or 35% gradient.


lol 60 degrees,thats some hardcore wallclimbing…

Dual Sk3s 6374’s with a gear ratio equal or greater then 1:3 with available continuous drain of 60amp will prob suffice tho.

Dont look at rated Power for hobby motors, they’re never accurate anyway. Bigger is better.

image You will be better buying this…


you need a bajaboard

There is a super steep hill by my house that I climb with 12s2p dual 6355… I wish I weighed 165lb. :rofl: granted I use a bit of momentum and usually hit it going fast

Isn’t this exactly what you need?


ok lets say 30 degrees

for 30degrees i will be using dual motors Motor specs: 60A peak 30a constant 50.4v peak 3000w peak 1500w constant what battery should i use?

If you plan on doing 30 degree hills I would suggest pneumatic wheels. Urethane is just not going to have enough traction. I tried a 27% grade in San Francisco and barely had enough traction on 107’s with 74A durometer. I then tried a 30% and did not have enough traction. I weigh 170lbs.

considering i use this similar Off-Road wheel


Wow! Were you using a lower pressure in your tires?

Another important factor is stance, people tend to shift the weight forward when climbing, but in these extreme slopes you need to do the opposite, put all your weight back to maximize traction

@Rabea, assuming 80mm wheels and geared for 35 km/h and 190 Kv motors. 30° is 57%, assuming you can maintain traction and for simplicity that everything is 100% efficient.

You would need 75A constant at each motor, 150A total if you wanna climb at full speed you would also need 150A capable battery

People angle their body forward to be able to physically stand on the board without falling back, which naturally places weight on the front foot. How are you supposed to put all your weight back?

Yeah, it’s not intuitive, that’s the problem, I have some hills with a pretty crap road that if I don’t do that the wheels just spin all the time and you barely move

using this battery will be good enough ? 50.4v charged 5Ah 12s 60A constant peak 120A